Podcast Recommendations


Tone Control

I’d be surprised if folks here didn’t know about it already, but hadn’t seen it mentioned. And boy howdy it’s good.

Steve Gaynor interviewing game devs and designers.


I finally started listening to Reply All and I should have listened to people in this thread sooner. They talked about the prank call phone scam episode on Important if True and that episode sucked me in. I’m currently deep into the back log and I’ve almost caught up. I could listen to an entire podcast of just Super Tech Support.


I nominated it for a GILM last year here, but I don’t think I’ve officially recommended Trust Issues. Two local Seattle journalists dive into conspiracy theories, right wing spaces, and some other wild stuff. The tone appropriately varies from light hearted ridicule to despair.

The most recent ep as of this post covers ‘blackpill’ folks where you can learn how ‘incel’ was originally coined by a college grad trying to describe her sexual identity.


For those of you looking for an often funny, sometimes dark, look at American History, The Dollop is excellent. I’m going through the back catalog now and I love it, it’s probably I’ll relisten through once I’m done.


I’m not sure if this is the place for request, but has anyone come across anything interesting pods about Monster Hunter? I’m too obsessed with this game not to listen to something about it.


maybe i missed it but i haven’t seen Dice Funk here anywhere, it’s a really fun lil DnD podcast and Laura Kate Dale is on it!


Content Warning: Satanism and general Occult themes [in the context of Women’s Liberation]

The Faculty of Horror

Two women’s podcast about horror movies, how they effect the world and how the world effects them. They just put out the 3rd part of their series on Witches in movies, and what they mean. Especially now as more and more people are looking at the patriarchal order of society and recognizing it as an enemy.

And what’s more antithetical to patriarchy than Witches?

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Linked all three parts in order of release because if you’re living in 2018 and you’ve thought about what changing the current order of the world looks like. You need to listen to Part 3 ASAP! You can save the other two parts for whenever. This feels like something everyone needs to hear right now.


Content/Trigger Warning: Discussion of Sexual Assault Aftermath and Healing

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, here’s a fairly new and very relevant podcast by the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault called “Sex Talk Happy Hour”.


So many recommendations… Now to somehow find the time.


Let me throw in a couple more! Including, oh, a whole podcast network, nbd.

So The Incomparable is the little podcast that eventually started its own podcast network (called…the Incomparable), on which there are a bunch of shows covering just about everything in pop culture. This one is the longest running and much more general, so it covers not just TV and movies, but books, anime, cartoons…they touch on a lot. For those using podcasts to stay awake at work or on drives, the multiple guests and excellent editing makes it a very snappy, upbeat podcast as well.

Also there’s a whole network of other shows there to check out, too!

On the flip side, we have The Hidden Almanac, which is a short, fictional Farmer’s Almanac-style podcast. It features a historical event, a Saint’s Feast Day, and information about the garden…when it is not featuring Crow Gods, hypnotic standing stones, murderous abominations from beneath, zombie turkeys, or hellabores. As it’s been running for five years, the backlog is intense, and if you’re into that sort of thing, you can watch the show fiddle with its concept. I’d recommend starting in 2016, tbh.


I see just about everything I’ve come to listen to here already, but one I haven’t seen is VGMpire. A video game music podcast, in each episode the host Brett Elston and a guest sample numerous tracks of a particular game (or music from a number of soundtracks if a developer is highlighted) and intersperse commentary about the artists and devs involved throughout. Not so much technical analysis (as Brett readily points out, he knows very little about music production) but more of a light-hearted, fun appreciation for VG music, new and old.

Brett tends to highlight older, more retro or occasionally obscure soundtracks from games if that’s your thing, but there are episodes that cover more recent years’ notable releases as well. Sadly, the podcast updates much less frequently these days (I think it’s at like 3-4 episodes a year currently), but I would still wholly recommend the little over 100+ episodes that are out thus far.


Most of the things I listen to have almost certainly been mentioned!
But I’d like to recommend Oh No! It’s Ross and Carrie! http://ohnopodcast.com/

I love this podcast. It’s an investigative journalism podcast that investigates weird fringe groups and pseudo-scientific products and the like. They’re known for their approach of joining and getting involved these groups and communities instead of simply investigating them. I’ve always found strange ideologies really interesting, so their show really appeals to me in this way. I’ve always found aliens and conspiracy theories fascinating, so I got hooked on their investigations of UFO Conferences over last summer. They’ve joined Flat Earther groups, they’ve gone firewalking, they’ve joined alien religious cults, you name it! Also the theme song is very good

A lot of people in the “skeptic community” can be really condescending and obnoxious (and in recent years kind of veered into right-wing politics), but what I love most about ONRaC! is that there’s this general feeling of sincerity and kindness underpinning the show. They approach the claims with open minds and hearts. They make fun of things and joke about them plenty, sure, and they are not afraid to criticize, but there’s rarely this feeling of hatred and mean-spiritedness that is often associated with these kind of investigations. The humor is lighthearted and silly. The tone feels very honest and warm and friendly. One of my faves.

If you want a good starting point, their investigation of Scientology [start here] is just fantastic. It goes places.


Thanks for all the recs! I’m also a big fan of Oh No, Ross and Carrie!. Here are a few of my favs.

  • bomBARDed - lighthearted D&D podcast where all the players (and DM) are professional musicians. They play their instruments live at the table and a new original song is composed every episode. Sound quality/design is very good. Yes, they’re all bards

  • Nancy - provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today

  • Queery - Interview show with lgbtq luminaries touching on stories of indentity, sexuality, personality and culture

  • Switched On Pop - insightful analyses and breakdowns of contemporary pop music that often draws historical music connections. Thoughtful articulations of a point I’ve always tried to make: crafting a good pop song does, in fact, take skill

  • The Read - weekly comedic dose of hip hop and popular culture by two queer black hosts. Big fav.



Writing on Gamescast is among my favorite podcasts out there. The podcast is hosted by Hamish Black (the host of the Youtube channel Writing on Games) and Nico Bleackley and has a similar format to Giant Bombcast. The hosts have great chemistry, and while the podcast is centered around gaming, they often end up discussing their experiences with music (they both have backgrounds in the DIY punk music scene), Scottish pop culture, or play by play recaps of Dawson’s Creek.

Citations Needed is a phenomenal left politics podcast breaking down a variety of subjects and how the media pitches them. Can’t recommend this one enough.


My favourites in no particular order are probably:

  • the Weekly Planet Podcast
  • Filthy Casuals
  • Vergecast
  • Waypoint (duh)
  • Last Podcast on the Left
  • Your Mom’s House Podcast
  • Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast
  • Wired Gadget Lab
  • Kotaku Splitscreen

I work in a lab by myself all day so I listen to quite a few ha ha


i listen to too many damn podcasts! the other day i realized that the majority of spoken language i hear probably comes through my headphones, and not mouths of people i’m actually talking to.

it felt bad.


Danny O’Dwyer has somehow found the time to start up a podcast when he’s not churning out those wonderful video game documentaries, and the first episode is fantastic.

It’s a conversation with Sergey Galyonkin, best known for being the creator of SteamSpy. He has a ton of experience working in the video game industry all over the world, and has insight to offer on a whole bunch of things including Valve’s management structure, specific genre popularity in certain countries, what’s its like to try and work in an active war zone, and how his site ended up being one of the only super reliable sources on video game sales numbers in the world. He also just seems like a very genuine, friendly guy who loves what he does. Really excited to see what Danny has in store for the project in the future.


Apologies this is a huge thread, so probably most of these have already been mentioned, but:

A Life Well Wasted
Mystery Show
Something True
Tone Control

as well as Beastcast and WP Radio, of course.


Podcasts come and go from my life as the amount of podcast time I have fluctuates, but the number one rock solid unshakeable podcast is Stop Podcasting Yourself, it’s the most basic of podcast premises on account of being like a decade old, two guys and usually a guest talking about just whatever. but the guests are always good and Dave and Graham are incredible, Graham Clark is handily the funniest comedian that somehow everybody doesn’t know about, I have literally watched his 20 minute At the Apartment show multiple times I love it, get this man a Netflix special.

if sounds like too much of a commitment or it’s not high concept enough for you, because SPY cohost Dave Shumka has co created the short run This Sounds Serious it’s Serial but fake. Serial is already a dated reference isn’t it? I never got into the true crime podcast thing, but I am incredibly into this fake crime podcast thing. the episodes are only like twenty minutes long and the first season (of I hope many but who knows) is only supposed to be I think six or seven episodes so it is the easiest thing in the world to recommend. give it a try and if you like it go back and listen to Stop Podcasting yourself because honestly, the shared DNA is palpable.


Besides Waypoint Radio. I have listened to both of the below from when they first aired.

  • Final Games (Liam Edwards)
  • Remaster (RelayFM)

I love Final games, it’s like a desert island discs for video games. What’s not to like! :slight_smile: