Podcast Recommendations


Video game hell: video game podcast run by trans women that sometimes does tabletop

By any means necessary: Progressive news podcast hosted by Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon

Fermentation Podcast: I find the hosts voice very relaxing and pleasant while he talks about things hes fermenting

Beyond the filter: podcast by Liz Ryerson


I’ll just read from my list

Giant Beastcast
Giant Bombcast

News/Political stuff:
Citations Needed
Up First

Educational stuff:
Hardcore History

Fun stuff:
Adventure Zone
All Systems Goku.


We have similar lists!

Mine looks like:

Giant Bombcast
Giant Beastcast
Waypoint Radio
Idle Thumbs
Nintendo Power Podcast

Citations Needed
FiveThirtyEight Politics
The Party Room (An Australian politics podcast)

Hardcore History
The History of Rome
Writing Excuses

All Systems Goku
One Song Only
Something True
Important if True
Philosophy with Wil Anderson
My Brother, My Brother and Me


My list is kinda big.

2 Dope Queens
A Very Fatal Murder
Boners of The Heart
How Did This Get Made?
My Brother, My Brother and Me
Pounded in the Butt by My Own Podcast
The Bugle
The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2
Til Death Do Us Blart
Worst Idea Of All Time

General Interest
99% Invisible
All Systems Goku
dadfeelings (could probably go in comedy)
Dear Prudence
Garbage Thoughts
Girls on the Internet
How 'Bout Now
Important If True
LeVar Burton Reads
Logged Off (could also easily go in comedy)
Song Exploder
Sooo Many White Guys (comedy but also more serious stuff)
Still Buffering
Talking Over Each Other
The Adam Buxton Podcast
The History of Fun
This American Life
Woodland Secrets

Chapo Trap House (you’ll have to get past the abrasiveness and “edgy” humour with this one)
Citations Needed
Current Affairs
Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu (currently defunct)
Safe For Democracy (also a history podcast, I cannot recommend this strongly enough)
The Katie Halper Show
The Unions21 Podcast
What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

Table Top
Critical Role
Friends at the Table
The Adventure Zone

Video Games
Giant Beastcast
Giant Bombcast
Designer Notes
Idle Thumbs
Idle Weekend
Kotaku Splitscreen
Playscape: Los Angeles (now defunct)
Polygon’s Quality Control
Spawn On Me
The Besties
The Poylgon Show
Tone Control
Waypoint Radio


So I didn’t know where else to put this, but it looks like the Campaign podcast is coming to an untimely end.

Honestly, I’m feeling pretty down about it. TAZ is great, don’t get me wrong, but IMO in terms of storytelling and creativity Campaign was the best AP podcast on the market other than Friends at the Table. It was also the only AP of that stature to have been run by a woman, and in particular Kat Kuhl is one of the best GMs in the AP business. This is a real bummer.


American News: Trends Like These.

Animorphs: Morph Club.

Bob’s Burgers: Erotic Friend Fiction.

Books in general: I Don’t Even Own A Television, Teen Creeps.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Back in the Field.

Movies in general: Let’s Watch 2 Movies, The Zombie Grrlz.

Nerd Variety: Fake Geek Girls, Fangirl Happy Hour, I Will Fight You.

Steven Universe: The Crystal ClodCast.

Wrestling: Wrestlesplania.

Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena Warrior Business.


Gaming: The Polygon Show, The Adventure Zone, Fave This
TV/Film: Cancelled Too Soon
Comedy: My Brother My Brother and Me, My Favorite Murder
Politics: The Sauce, Gaslit Nation, Hellbent


I scrolled through a ton of replies on this forum hoping someone would post Bodega Boys. It’s a really funny listen each week.


these are honestly the best collection of podcast names.


Henry Kissinger is Pokemon Going to Die (not a threat, just a fact) is easily one of my new favorite leftist-news cast!


I LOVE that title.


Honestly, I feel that Critical Role being put on podcasts has a ton to do with this.


Serious question: how do YOU deal with ultra-long podcast episodes?

I see tons of people here recommending Giant Bomb/Beastcast. I’m sure they have tons of quality content, but 2, 3, 4 hour podcasts are just not my cup of tea at all.


My favorite is either Erotic Friend Fiction or Xena: Warrior Business.


If you like hearing people that know a ton about movies talk about a lot of movies, Blank Check is perfect for you. It starts out as a podcast doing a deep dive in the Star Wars movies but then turns into a podcast where they pick a director who had a big hit early at some point in their career which in turn gets them a “blank check” to make whatever passion project(s) they want to. They’ve covered the Wachowskis, Cameron Crow, M. Night Shyamalan, and more. The hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims have wonderful chemistry and deep, deep knowledge of cinema. Definitely check it out.


Back when I listened to podcasts only on commutes, a Bombcast could last me two or three days easily.

Nowadays I often listen to podcasts without paying too much attention, and occasionally rewind if there’s something interesting that I missed the start of.


Maybe that’s my problem. I don’t listen to a podcast unless I can actually give it at least 80% attention.


Try increasing the speed, I listen to a fair few 2+ hour podcasts at 1.8x which cuts them down to about an hour and something. Find it works best with multiperson discussion podcasts like bombcast or podcasts about wrestling


Yeah I’m on 1.5x most of the time. Those are still long-ass podcasts though.


Any podcast by the McElroys, especially My Brother, My Brother, and Me and The Adventure Zone. (comedy)

If you want positive, sort of “heart warming” ones, then Wonderful or The Indoor Kids.

if you want informative ones, 99% Invisible, Serial, This American Life.

If you play Magic The Gathering and the Pauper format, go with Color Commontary.