Podcast Recommendations


I listen while I work, so a three hour podcast is three hours that I don’t have to walk in silence (music tends to be more overpowering in terms of me being able to stay aware of my surroundings).


I just discovered the Lore podcast on Spotify and I really like it! They’re short 20 minute long episodes about where horror lore comes from based on real events narrated by a horror writer.


Just spent the past 2 weeks binging Why Won’t You Date Me? and it’s my new favorite relationship podcast.

Listeners join comedian Nicole Byer as she tries to figure out why she’s never been in a committed relationship. She interviews various comedians on their dating/relationship experiences and solicits advice on how to improve her prospects.

Aside from being hilarious the podcast also has some incredibly poignant and insightful moments from both Nicole and her guests. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever struggled with dating.

The most recent episode with Jameela Jamil of The Good Place fame is a great place to start.

Episode 41: Booty Call Horror Story w/ Jameela Jamil


I cannot recommend highly enough Love and Radio, a podcast about unusual people telling their stories. There’s interviews with a woman who found lesbian love writing Harry Potter fanfiction, a woman sexually attracted to photo booths, a porn director who convinces marines to do gay porn. Also they’re not all sex related, one was with a family who cared for a son who suffered a severe brain injury for years (that one was just devastatingly sad), another was with a man who wanted to use bioengineering to create human hybrid art, and recently with the wrestler Adrian Street.

Anyway, I also wanted to post here because I’m looking for a politics podcast, On the Media is fine but it just isn’t cutting it for me anymore, and I remember the crew recommending something on Waypoint Radio awhile back. I don’t remember the name of it.


Pretty sure this was Citations Needed. I haven’t heard all of their episodes but the ones I have were really good.


I get to listen to a lot of podcasts at work, and I have subscribed to so many that I’m somehow behind by almost a month (looking forward to hearing reviews of Spider-Man and Forsaken in October) and pretty much have to listen to them at 1.5x speed.

That being said, here are my current favorites:

Punch Up the Jam is a comedy music podcast that dissects a single song (could be good, could be bad (mostly bad)) and made better through hosts Demi and Miel’s punch-up treatment. Have you ever wondered what if the Dixie Chicks’ Cowboy, Take Me Away was turned into the musings of a generic flat earther? Or if the National Anthem were turned into a dancable rap track? Or maybe you would like to hear the Doobie Brothers hit tune “What a Fool Believes” turned into a multi-track acapella harmony of a Michael McDonald impersonation? Now you can with Punch Up the Jam. Seriously, it’s probably the best podcast I’m currently listening to.

I also listen to Waypoint Radio (obvs), Slow Burn, Casefile, Baby Geniuses, the Bugle, Dear Prudence, and Ear Hustle. I’m listening to quite a few more, but they’ve already been mentioned in this thread.


Feminist Frequency Radio is the whole reason I found out about Waypoint. It’s Anita Sarkeesian and crew chatting about whatever is current or they just feel like talking about. It’s still finding its legs, but it’s solid.

Radio War Nerd is one of the most insightful podcasts on the topic of international conflict. That link gets you some of the episodes for free, otherwise it’s a subscription. The people behind it are incredibly well versed on modern warfare, and are happy to be critical of any and all aspects of any given conflict. They’ll attack the right, and they’ll also attack the left. It’s incredibly good, but perhaps pricey.

Unauthorized Disclosure is a podcast by Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola. Rania spent a lot of time in Syria during the civil war, and knows more about it than just about anyone that regularly gets press in the Western media. They’ll breakdown lots of different topics and are vicious about it. Worth a listen.


Here we go:

McElroy Family of Podcasts (start here haha):
The Adventure Zone (RPG)
My Brother, My Brother, and Me (Comedy)
The Besties (Video Game Reviews, Maybe Ended/once a year?)
Cool Games Inc. (Video Games/Comedy)
The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2 (start with the ones above first haha)

Hey Riddle Riddle

Critical Role (Start with the 2nd campaign, and maybe watch the first episode on youtube to learn the voices, this one is VERY LONG)

It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders
NPR Politics Podcast

The Liturgists (Progressivey/Christiany/Religiony FYI)
Window to the Magic (Disney Theme Parks, very relaxing)
The Hilarious World of Depression (umm…depression and comedy…in case that wasn’t obvious)
Reply All (Stories mostly from internet culture)


Fiat Lex – it’s about dictionaries. hell yeah


I just started listening to Canadaland’s new podcast series, Thunder Bay, and boy is it riveting. It’s a great expose about a Northern Ontario community and the racism that permeates Canadian society.


For those of you who liked Serial, I’d recommend Southern Nightmare hosted by Richard Foster. It’s a podcast about a serial killer in Richmond, Virginia called the Southside Strangler in the early 1980s. This was the first serial killer to be caught using DNA. The cool thing about it is that it focuses on the stories and lives of the victims and people who were affected by the killings, not just the killer himself. There’s actually not too much focus on the killer in general, not until the end of the series anyway.
Heavy content warning for violence and sexual assault with this one
Foster describes the string of events that led to the arrest of the Southside Stranger, including the crime scenes and trials. Needless to say, it gets graphic and can be difficult to listen to at times.


Has anyone listened to Gimlet Media’s Crimetown? It’s a fantastic series that focuses on crime, law, and politics in a specific city per season. The first season was set in Providence, Rhode Island, which is famous for it’s mafia history.

The highlights for me is the Mafia Hitman who DEFINITELY MURDERED PEOPLE talking about how much he loved D&D, as well as the over arching narrative of Buddy Cianci and his impact on the city.

The second season is focused on Detroit, and has a heavy emphasis on the police program STRESS in the early episodes.

Unfortunately, I think season 2 exclusive to Spotify, which is just a poor decision for gathering an audience, and also because Spotify’s player just fucking sucks.


I loved the first season of Crimetown. Got me through many rough nights of throwing freight in some pretty bad conditions.

Didn’t know season two was exclusive to Spotify. That’s fairly annoying tbh.


Woodland Secrets- Host Merritt K. has a friendly conversation with a wide range of creative folks that you probably know from the internet. Past guests include Danielle Riendeau, Patrick Gill, Adam Conover, Patrick Rothfuss, Simone de Rochefort, Gita Jackson and a ton of people you follow on Twitter.

The Penumbra Podcast- Queer-positive serial audiodramas, featuring two main stories: one is a cyberpunk noir private eye series, and the other is a fantasy series about knights trying to solve the mystery of an increase in monster attacks around the kingdom.

We Still Like You- Podcast form of a live, punk storytelling house show about the most shameful moment in the teller’s life, with the goal of coming to terms with shame and being reassured at the end by the audience, “We still like you!” General content warning for certain subject matter, as some of the stories can be pretty rough. I suggest starting with the “Hillbilly Magic” episode, as it gives a good idea what the show is like, isn’t too rough and is very funny.

Girl in Space- Audiodrama show about a young woman surviving alone on a stranded science vessel in deep space.


I listen to a fuck ton of podcasts, but some of my favorites of right now (that I haven’t found on here yet):

Trillbilly Worker’s Party is a weekly show kinda similar to Street Fight Radio, but coming out of a small community radio station in rural KY. Much more radical than Chapo, but not really anarchists either. Some people may call some of their takes “tankie”.

Season of the ■■■■■ is another. This one is much more education based than the podcasts I mentioned above. It’s an all women led podcast and I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been any cis men on the entire 50+ run of the episode. There is a few episodes with Tanya from the Trillbillies too.

District Sentinel Radio is a good leftist podcast/news broadcast. They have a weekly show that’s free and a daily M-Thurs 3 to 5 minute podcast daily that just says the news.

Reel Politik is sometimes just called Chapo but British, but it’s got a lot more than that. Recently they put out a longer audio story that was an homage to Twin Peaks with British political references called Faron Walk With Me.

And one that’s not about politics is Cocaine and Rhinestones. It’s a country music history podcast that really delves deep into the industry and personalities in 20th century country music. Also hosted and written by the son of country legend David Allen Coe, Tyler Mahan Coe.


I’ve been a big fan of The Bechdel Cast ever since I got introduced to it a few months ago. It’s two comedians, Jamie Loftus and Caitlin Durante, and a rotating guest. Every week they pick a movie, watch it, and discuss its portrayal of women. It’s a lot of fun, and they have a bunch of inside jokes if you’ve been listening for a while. As a cis white guy, it’s really interesting getting a different perspective on these things and it’s very funny as well.


Politics: Revolutionary Left Radio, Season of the B

Philosophy: Always Already, the Verso and Zero Books podcasts

Gaming that’s not Waypoint: Game Studies Study Buddies!!!, What’s Good Games is okay

Other stupid shit like food and design: Gastropod, Debbie Millman’s interviews, Clever, Dressed, Pen Addict

Can anyone out there recommend a good short fiction podcast (not audio drama), especially spec fiction/fantasy by lesser known queer writers?


Glittership is focused on that.

Clarkesworld and Stranage Horizons might be worth checking out, spec fiction but not exclusively queer or lesser known but a better batting average that most on both counts.


I’ve really been enjoying Game Studies Study Buddy recently. It’s a great dive into game academia and generally deep and interesting discussions around books about games. Great listen.
The other podcast that I was completely hooked on was Slowburn; both the Nixon season and the Clinton season. Takes a subject I vaguely remember or have fragments of understanding, and gives a great detailed account while remaining very entertaining. Highly recommended!

A list of a few others:
The skeptics guide to the universe (I’m a math and science teacher, I can’t help it)
Pod save the world
Citations needed
Reply All
Serial (especially the most recent season about the court system in Cleveland… fantastic)


The Empty Bowl is excellent. Very relaxing, and a great deep dive into a very specific topic.