Podcast Recommendations


Beef and Dairy Network - A very good, very british bovine industry equivalent of welcome to the nightvale. I can’t recommend it enough, it doesn’t get enough love.

Tights and Fights - Good wrasslin podcast, with indie rap star Open Mike Eagle.


So a podcast I’ve been listening to is Function with Anil Dash. It’s a fairly recent podcast (started back in October 2018) that looks at the intersection between technology, society, and culture. Each episode takes on a different interesting topic and features host Anil having a conversation with people closely involved with the topic, whether on the technology side, cultural side, or both.

So far, two episodes I’ve particularly enjoyed are episode one which talks about Epic’s taking of popular dances to use in Fortnite without crediting or compensating creators (featuring an interview with rapper 2 Milly), and episode four which takes on the question of whether Twitter should have some kind of ‘edit tweet’ functionality. Both very good thought provoking listens.

EDIT: Jumping back in to shoutout episode six as well, which is a kind of “how the sausage gets made” look at the world of podcast advertisements. Includes a fun interview with hosts Jade and X.D of the podcast ‘Jade + X.D: The Blackest show about nothing’.


It’s 2019, and I need some real help finding another gaming podcast to listen to, but I have a very very particular hangup about what I listen to.

Waypoint Radio is my darling favorite, but it has accidentally ruined me for other podcasts. I like panel discussions and deep dives, I love that stuff… but I absolutely cannot stand it when people talk over each other and don’t swing back to someone’s point.

For instance, bc I know Austin used to work there and some of my friends are fans, I tried to listen to the Giant Bomb GOTY podcasts because that is the exact kind of thing I want. However, I failed out of the first episode about a half hour in because the men continuously, repeatedly interrupted whoever the female cohost is and unlike with WPR, they never went back to let people finish.

I just. I cannot deal! Nope! Go back! I am spoiled rotten, i am ruined, I need the moderation that allows for “Sorry, X, you were saying about Celeste?” or “No, Y, I saw your hand raised.”

Can anyone rec a podcast that has this similar style? Gimme great discussions and fun tangents, but if people are gonna be rude as hell, I can’t deal.

Edit: For elucidation, what I already enjoy and listen to is Overinvested, Waypoint, and the McElroy Family Of Products. I’ve listened to Polygon Show in the past but that was months ago. And I liked Fave This! when it was still being made.

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You may like Kotaku’s podcast, Splitscreen.

It’s just Jason Schreier and Kirk Hamilton. Since it’s only two people, there’s not much talking over each other.

I would offer to give The Giant Beastcast another shot though! Anyone who’s an active listener will tell you that their GOTY discussion does NOT represent the usual shows they put out, especially with Abby. Their GOTY discussions are kind of weird experiments… I think GB’s overall philosophy is that the discourse around GOTY discussion is kind of bullshit. My GOTY is not going to be your GOTY, so these awards are kind of meaningless.

Perhaps I am biased and don’t see it because I’m a man, but I feel like Abby gets good talking time in during the usual podcasts and shows. Yeah, they probably roll over her in GOTY discussion, but that’s exactly why as a fan I kind of actually actively HATE their GOTY discussion.

The Bombcast is good too, but the Beastcast is a better show IMO.


Hm it would be good to know that the constant talking over each other is not normal because oooooof I hated it. Could you explain the difference between Beastcast and Bombcast for someone unfamiliar with GB?



So, Giantbomb is separated to two offices, one in San Francisco and one in New York City.

The Giant Bombcast is the OG podcast for GiantBomb. A lot of the hosts in the Beastcast started there before they moved out East. It’s good, but a lot of times they can let discussion of a game like CoD, Dota, or Destiny just dominate the conversation. It’s more low key, though they can be insanely funny. The hosts are Jeff, Ben, Brad, Jason, and Jan.

Beastcast is an offshoot, and I’d say they’re the more fun of the site. You get the more silly moments like this:

So in context, Dan is famously a trash person, and he basically plays Jeremiah as his opposite.

This clip is great too.

Here’s a good animated segment from the Beastcast featuring Austin:

A good Abby moment:

The Beastcast has Vinny, Dan, Abby, Jeff B., and Alex, and it’s just a ton of fun. The structure is:

Introductions, ‘What games have you been playing?’ news, E-mails from fans, and then corrections (which is basically fans writing in to correct them on their foolishness)

You get a similar structure with Bombcast, but not corrections.


Seconding @GoldenJoel Beastcast rec, although I’d add that maybe check out episodes from the first year when Austin was still on it, as that might be a better intro for a Waypoint fan.

Also, I just wanted to shout out Spawn on Me, which is an excellent podcast in its own right. They very much do the insightful round table stuff and get into analysis that other similar podcasts don’t cover. Of course, having an all black panel helps, but also some members of pod are a bit older with teenage/adult children, which provides a decidedly non-millennial perspective of games. If you want a sample episode to see what the podcast is about, the Mafia III episode is excellent.


Not entirely video games specific, but Make It Sound Fiction covers general pop culture topics very well and a lot of it is about games and the industry around it. The two hosts have a good dynamic and always develop points back and forth really well. They just put out an episode on the whole Ellie mess in Overwatch esports and I’m looking forward to their conversation about it.

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I would recommend Bad End. It’s run by a few Killscreen alums, and carries the same critical lens that the site was known for. It’s a panel style podcast, but it’s just 3 people, so you don’t get a lot of people talking over each other. The hosts aren’t afraid to disagree with each other or the industry at large (which is a huge breath of fresh air in video games, where critical consensus is rampant and rarely questioned), but nothing ever gets contentious.

They recently had “New Games Criticism’s” own Tim Rodgers on, and it was good:

Their end of year episode was good too:


I’d recommend No Cartridge Audio. It’s mostly a video game podcast with a Leftist/kinda academic bent to it. Every episode has host Trevor Strunk and most are interview/discussion shows with other people mostly from video games and podcasts. If you like Night in the Woods there are 4 (5? 7?) episodes with Scott Benson, one of the designers of the game, and all of them are really good episodes.


Thank you so very much for the recs. I have added most of them to Podcast Addict and as someone who works in retail, I have literally hours every day to listen to stuff. It’s much appreciated.

And y’all were right about Beastcast. It was a dramatically better listen than the GOTY Bombcast stuff. It’s practically night and day, thanks for suggesting giving them another go.

Oh I need to give Spawn On Me another shot. I tried them around mid-2018 only to fail out because they were more meandering? But I will try again, and specifically look into the Mafia III episode.

Thank you all again. :pray:


If you like music-type podcasts like Switched On Pop or Song Exploder, you might also like former Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton’s Strong Songs. It’s new but it’s good!


Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have a new interview podcast called The Art of Process. Only two episodes so far. I bet y’all would like the second episode in particular, where they talk to Rebecca Sugar!


Mike Pondsmith and his son just started a podcast talking about 2020 lore:

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I am looking for a cool new actual play podcast with some good queer representation.
I am a huge tabletop fan but my schedule doesn’t allow me to play all that often so I have been listening to podcasts a lot.

I know Friends at the table, Godsfall and Big Gay Nerds. All of them excellent by the way and you should try them out if you didn’t and are into that stuff.

Do you have any other tips for me? Thanks in advance!


Some of my favorites are Friendly Fire a podcast where they discuss war movies (or whatever they can twist into justifying as a war movie), Sawbones, the “marital tour of misguided medicine”, The Guilty Feminist about “our noble goals as 21st century feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them” ,and recently picked up Behind the Bastards, a podcast about some of the worse people in history.


My primary recommendation is Six Feats Under, but you might also check out this directory of AP podcasts.


Here are some of my favorite shows right now:

  • Queue up - Team Envy’s esports podcast
  • Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend (can be really funny)
  • You’re wrong about – if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, this show covers the “viral” news stories from that time, and then tells you about all the stuff we got wrong.

I’m also trying to help more folks get into podcasting. I just wrote a beginner’s guide here.

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Podcasts I’m listening to right now:

Current Events/Non-fiction/History podcasts

  • Arms Control Wonk - covers news and recent events on nuclear weapons and associated missile or delivery tech, and attempts at non-proliferation
  • Scene on Radio - documentary series. Currently rebroadcasting a series about the history of whiteness in America
  • The Diplomat - covers Pacific, South East Asian, and Central Asian geopolitics
  • The Memory Palace - Short podcasts about historical events. Hard to describe but it’s more about the feel of the episodes than their content, although the content is good too. The episode about one of the oldest gay bars in America A White Horse is a good example
  • Backstory - takes a topic in the news like industrial accidents, blackface, or presidential vetoes and talks about their occurrence throughout American history


  • Within the Wires - story lines taking place after a cataclysmic war that destroys all nation states in the first half of the 20th century and sees them replaced by a world government

Readings of Short Stories Podcasts


  • The Flophouse - already mentioned by others, but wanted to second it because its a pretty good bad movie watching podcast

Let’s see. Links to things that are harder to find.

Episode One: A podcast ostensibly about making a new podcast every episode and capturing the weirdness inherent in that process. It’s maybe too awkward for me to get into long term, and it’s almost impossible to find on podcasting apps, but it’s worth checking out.

PFF Podcast: If you care about American Football, this is the only podcast really worth listening to. PFF are basically the only people out there putting together meaningful advanced statistics to analyze the game. I’m serious when I say it’ll make other football podcasts impossible to listen to, though. Everyone else basically makes it up as they go, looking at stats without context and guessing based on gut feelings. PFF will give you absurd levels of context for the stats they’re citing, explain why they’re important to understanding a player’s performance, and they do great analysis of what to expect or how to understand what happened on a week to week basis.

MBMBaM and Adventure Zone: Plenty of other descriptions in this thread.

Chapo Trap House: They’re the anti-Pod Save podcast, which is a very good thing.

Intercepted: A slightly preachy, but overall super thorough and well-produced progressive (ie nominally socialist) pod associated with The Intercept, an independent journalism outlet founded by Glen Greenwald. They present a more establishment identity, and less institutionally antagonistic, approach to discussing the world from a leftist perspective than something like Chapo - which may or may not make it more up your alley.

Dead Pundits Society: I honestly can’t stand the production style of this podcast, and the way they structure their episode releases is super confusing sometimes, but they’re an interesting window into more academic and theoretical left politics and are fairly globally oriented. I keep coming back to them, which says something about the quality of what they’re doing even if it is a little bit overwhelming to wrap your head around if you don’t have that academic background.

The Michael Brooks Show and The Majority Report: Solid weekday news/opinion stuff, with some crossover. If you’re finding you want politics stuff to fill the void between podcasts, they’re pretty solid. Though I’d just go through their YouTube stuff and not listen to the shows, because it’s basically daily radio. There’s no need to subscribe on an app, just browse the channels.

Last Podcast on the Left: If you don’t mind a bunch of people who think they’re very smart but, for example, often ignorantly echo nonsense like the idea that socialism wants to make everyone poor, The Last Podcast on the Left is a solid Occult / True Crime podcast. It’s off my list right now, but will probably go back on. Few people do deep dives as good as they do, even if they are regularly insufferable in their self-assurance.

Citations Need: A fantastic lefty podcast focused on critiquing the media. They swing hard at basically everyone when they fuck up though, which I find refreshing.

The Dollop: Listen to the fucking Dollop.

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