Podcast Recommendations


Not seeing much love for history podcasts, so here are my regular listens:

Revolutions (and Mike Duncan’s previous epic project, The History of Rome)
The Fall of Rome
The History of Byzantium
The Age of Napoleon


Checking out Trans Mission Radio, hoping it’ll fill a hole in my cis-white dude podcast network that desperately needs filling. thx for the rec.


Video Game Podcasts
Super Best Friend Cast, Every Week
Giant Beastcast, every week
Giant Bombcast, On and off
Video Games Hot Dog, on and off
Idle Thumbs, on and off
8-4 Play, on and off
Life Well Wasted listened to all the episodes multiple times HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Comedy Podcasts
My Brother, My Brother and Me
The Comedy Button
Put your Hands together
Going Down with the Ship
Cool Games Inc.
The Flophouse

Interview Podcasts
WTF with Marc Maron
Woodland Secrets


Do you like Woodland Secrets? merrit’s laid back interview style is therapeutic to me


Trans Mission Radio is very important and very emotional


if you want to listen to old british people examine and argue extremely specific historical items, and god why wouldn’t you, it doesn’t get any better than In Our Time

here’s an episode about the summer of 1816, which, because of a volcano, wasn’t a summer at all http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b077j4yv


Anime World Order is 3 really knowlegable anime nerds talking mostly obscure pre-2000’s shows and OAVs. They only release one episode every 3 months but even their old shows from 11 years ago hold up.

Counterpunch is my go-to political podcast. The host brings in a bunch of political activists and communist college professors to do deep dives on not only America but politics in Latin and south America and other places that don’t get a lot of attention.


My favorite podcast is a bad board game podcast called Flip The Table, which is sadly coming to an end this summer.


I really like Hardcore History, and I feel like I learned a lot listening to Dan Carlin’s Common Sense as a teen, but now it feels like I mostly get the same information from other, more regular, sources and therefore I don’t really care when a new CS is released. In fact, it almost feels like a hassle to have to make space for it.

Also, as someone who has listened to MBMBAM longer than most (since 2011), I got turned off the show this year. I just don’t feel like their hearts are in it at all anymore, and half the show is stuff totally unrelated to the premise of the show, like all their ancillary bits, advertisements for other shows, the money zone, etc. I might come back, but probably not.

I really enjoy basically all the mainline Idle Thumbs shows, I love Friends At The Table (just getting into it properly, still on the 1st Hieron series), I like Laser Time, Reply All, the Beast/Bombcast, and Vox’s The Weeds


I’m mostly a MaxFun listener, but my favorite podcast is actually Doughboys, about two weird nerds who argue about food and Star Wars, review chain restaurants, and start convoluted tournaments. (Burger Brigade forever :hamburger:)


I’m glad your brought this up! Jay and Miles is definite recommend for me too. They some how found a way to get my husband into the convoluted and wacky world of comic books.


If you like the attitude of the McElroys and other Max Fun podcasts, you should absolutely be listening to Stop Podcasting Yourself

It can be tough to sell people on because it has a corny name, and is from the era before “a funny hour-long conversation” wasn’t a played out premise.

But once you give it a listen, it is consistently the funniest, most charming, and most Canadian podcast in my regular rotation. The back catalog can be intimidating, but I suggest starting with any Paul F. Tompkins episode.


Just started jamming on 2 Dope Queens, which has been rad.

Some regulars include MBMBaM, Still Buffering, TV Crimes, Song ExploderTop Score is retired now, but a damn fine podcast for people that love video game music. It’s got a sizable archive, at least. (Apparently the creators moved on to another similar podcast, which is news to me.)

And The Beastcast, of course. Because everyone needs a little Vincent Caravella in their lives.


Motherboard is doing a lot of good podcasts these days. Also, Longform Podcast and Stoner are great (Stoner is just a few episodes in but already a favorite of mine).

Achievement Oriented is also great for games, as is Idle Thumbs, buy you all already know that one.

After that, I listen to a metric ton of soccer podcasts, and an increasing amount of NBA podcasts. I like college BBall more than NBA, but there are such good writers covering the NBA that it’s interesting even for me.


Still processing is amazing


If people want something from Graham and Dave with a little more structure, I can’t recommend Our Debut Album highly enough–those two very funny people writing a semi-serious song in the space of a just an hour every month. Then they get it properly produced in a studio!


2 Dope Queens is the best comedy podcast I’ve come across.

Age of Napolean is a new podcast covering Napolean’s life and career from a guy who’s pretty into the details.

Obvious ones- Chapo Trap House, Criminal, Reply All, Radiolab, Important if True

Some good serial ones- Tanis, Rabbit, Black Tapes

seen a lot of recomms for Adventure Zone which makes me want to pick it up next.


Black Culture podcast, So Well Spoken. http://www.sowellspoken.com/


I loved Professor Blastoff but it sadly ended a couple years ago and the backlog is only available if you subscribe to Howl FM


Film Reroll is such a fun podcast, it’s another tabletop RPG podcast but in this one they play though movie plots as the main characters. Due to dice rolling, it definitely does not end up the same way as it does in the film. If you’re looking to get into it, I’d recommend their 4 part Wizard Of Oz saga or the 2 parter on Jaws.

Another podcast I’ve come to adore is the Star Wars New Canon Book Club. Personally I can’t keep up with all the Star Wars stuff coming out constantly, so I use this podcast as an easy way to keep up with the canon and stay informed about my favorite franchise. It helps that the hosts are hilarious and craft great theories as they go. Definitely worth a listen if you’re a big Star Wars fan like me.