Podcast Recommendations


Besides Waypoint Radio (obviously) I love to hear “School of Movies”. Please check this one. Is amazing in-depht analysis of movies and sometimes TV shows, comics and videogames. Also is terribly unknown.



If you have any interest in US politics and being a huge elections nerd in general, I highly recommend the Five Thirty Eight politics podcast, is pretty great, even thought I’m not an American, I enjoy very much.


Another McElroy fan here. My favourite series are Rose Buddies, Griffin and Rachel’s podcast for the Bachelor / Bachelorette TV series, Cool Games Inc., Griffin and Nick Robinson’s podcast where they brainstorm absurd video games that are sometimes actually pretty good, Trends Like These, Travis and brentalfloss’s news and trending topics podcast, and The Adventure Zone, their family’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Woodland Secrets and dadfeelings are two series I only recently got into, but binged on while playing Stellaris last week. merritt k has a really nice voice to listen to for an hour or so, and I usually like the guests on those shows. Austin was on an episode of WS, if you’re looking for an episode to jump-in.

Laura K Buzz is another podcaster I tend to like, she’s guested on about a thousand podcasts and has a few great series that are archived, but of her current ones I like Podquisition, with Jim Sterling and Gavin Dunne, and Crystal Clodcast, which is a re-watch podcast for Steven Universe. And on the subject of Jim Sterling, I like his video game movie review show, The Spin-Off Doctors with Conrad Zimmerman.

I have listened to Three Moves Ahead, Rob’s strategy games podcast, for a while and have recently got int the other podcasts in the Idle Thumbs network. Idle Weekend with Rob and Danielle is my favourite, besides TMA, but I enjoy everything I’ve listened to.

Video Game Hell is another good gaming podcast; some episodes are recordings of their tabletop campaign and others are video game criticism and general discussion. The episodes are longer than most of my other podcasts, but the hosts are all very insightful and it takes me like two hours to get anywhere with GVA transit so the run time doesn’t bother me.

I think most people know 28 Plays Later, but it’s good enough that I’ll recommend it for anyone who missed it. Funny gaming podcast without a reliance on cringy dude humour, and some bits of good crit from time to time. They had an episode on Mass Effect: Andromeda recently that I thought was hilarious and brought up a lot of issues I had with the game.

Some miscellaneous recommendations: Rocket is a more tech-focused podcast, although gaming comes up often enough with Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort (of Polygon) as two of the hosts. Match 3 is an archived podcast that Patrick did before he joined Waypoint, and while the news is outdated some of the discussions are still well-worth a listen. Checkpoints is a podcast with weekly guests of game devs and game journalists talking about some games important to them; Patrick was on an episode not long ago.

Oh, and Waypoint Radio and Friends at the Table. Can’t forget those.


I’ve recently been trying to get into more film podcasts, which has been hit and miss. I like Modern Cinematographer (it’s very process/technically focused & I have no real knowledge of that stuff but the host is interesting) & The Projection Booth, which is like four hours long and features incredible interviews and deep dives.

I think folks should really listen to Liz Ryerson’s podcast Beyond the Filter! She talks games, but also web history and culture and has super interesting guests on every episode. In a sort of similar vein, if you haven’t gone through the archives of the Sufficiently Human podcast (co-hosted by Lana Polansky and Zolani Stewart), you totally should.

I’ve been looking for good Actual Play podcasts outside of TAZ & FatT for a minute now so thanks to everyone who mentioned the One Shot network, I’m really excited to dig into some of that.


My favorite video game podcast beyond typical weekly news stuff is Retronauts, deep dives into old-school games by former 1up staffers. They’re heavily biased towards games from Japan (look elsewhere for PC stuff) but Jeremy Parish and his cohorts are some of the most knowledgeable in that field there is, so. Lots and lots of good stuff.

As for non-videogame stuff, I’m a big fan of You Must Remember This, which is about the history of Hollywood in the 20th century? They have plenty of stand-alones, but also long series breaking down stuff like film stars connected to the Manson killings or the history of the Hollywood Blacklist. Very well produced, the host is great at weaving compelling stories. Friends of the Table is also excellent, but that goes w/out saying


I don’t know if its been mentioned yet, but Hollywood Handbook is legitimately one of the funniest podcasts I know of. It has criminally low listenership compared to other Earwolf shows. Its a very odd show, so I think new listeners should try an episode with a good guest (i.e. Paul F. Tompkins).

Other favorites (FaTT, CBB, doughboys, etc.) have already been mentioned, but I certainly recommend those too.


Okay, so we have all the usuals, but if you want some good Scottish boys giving you a laugh, 2 Good Boys.

I use this one for getting to sleep, The Boring Bill Podcast.


Cain and Rinse is an interesting look at a different game every week. Can be hit or miss based on the game and who is on the episode.

Hardcore history is probably my favorite, but it only comes out 2 or 3 times a year.

And anything the McElroy’s touch is fantastic. Same goes for Vinny Caravella.


eyyyyyy another ThirtyTwentyTen listener! I love that show!


Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but Morph Club is my newest fave, hosted by two comics creators (Megan Brennan and Carey Pietsch) where they chronologically go through the entire Animorphs series, a book series I was obsessed with as a kid. I forgot how much I love that series until I started listening.


That sounds super good. #Tobias4Life


there are so many adorable Tobias moments that I completely forgot about, that show is awakening so many memories for me lol


I’ll listen to anything under the Night Vale Presents umbrella though I think Welcome to Night Vale itself and Alice Isn’t Dead are my favorites. And Friends at the Table of course (special shoutout to Counter/Weight season cause I love space operas, cyberpunk, and mechs and that has all of things I could ever want)

Gaming I listen to Waypoint Radio (like I’m sure most of if not all of us do), Giant Bomb/Beast-casts, and Idle Thumbs when I get a chance.

I’ve fallen so far behind on MBMBaM and I’m ashamed of myself.


Merritt is really good I dunno if I’d put Papal Bull on a ummm,… recommendation list but I love it lol


The Dollop is my go-to for a ‘background podcast’ when I’m doing other things, not that it isn’t deserving of your full attention.


I think a lot more people should give Six Feats Under a listen. It’s an actual play podcast in the same vein of Friends at the Table, except with a bigger focus on playing a bunch of different games. They’ve recently started a Mouse Guard campaign, coming off a long running 13th Age. It’s really inclusive and cute, and it has great music.

Also there is a mouse named Marx who defends the rights of the working mouse so what are you waiting for???


Along with Waypoint Radio and all of Giant Bomb’s stuff. My big favorite podcast is Retronauts! Jeremy Parish may be one of my favorite games writers out there, and with Retronauts, he and Bob Mackey really go in depth on some great topics in retro games. They have a podcast episode for any classic game you could think of. They always bring in some great guests too. A particular favorite is the Pac-Man episode where they brought in Steve Lin to talk about the game and it’s cultural influence.

I’d also recommend Daft Souls, which is the Podcast for the YouTube channel Cool Ghosts. They have really great perspectives on games and they do another website for tabletop stuff called Shut Up and Sit Down!


The Super Best Friendcast is the funniest gaming podcast I listen to and a must if you like obscure and dumb pop culture. It is the highlight of my week.


I highly recommend Reply All, RadioLab and This American Life if you’re into public radio or hearing crazy real stories.

Two podcasts that I love that take place in fictional worlds are Welcome To Nightvale and Hello From The Magic Tavern.

For general technology stuff, I listen to The 404 Show, Radio Motherboard and PlusPlus Podcast.

For more specific tech stuff (I’m an aspiring System Administrator), I also like Windows Central.

I also really like Chris Gethard’s emotional connections in beautiful/anonymous and learning and dispelling preconceptions with Adam Ruins Everything. I’m also super into outer space so I really like Cosmic Vertigo.


Hell yeah, 6FU is great. Their 13th Age campaign ruled and Mouse Guard is shaping up to be great. If folks want to give them a try, check out Goblin Quest, Lasers & Feelings or my personal favourite, Inspectres, which is NSFW for sweet sweet cryptid lovin’ (I’d link those but this hell website won’t let me put more than 2 links in this post for some reason; just look through their website, it’s really well designed and easy to find things so you shouldn’t have trouble). Not on their fancy new website they also have an episode guest-starring Ali Acampora, Kieth J. Carberry and some other guy, Austin something as a Friends at the Table crossover.
The GM of that podcast also has a great history podcast, History Honeys, in which he and his wife take turns teaching each other about random pieces of history they’re interested in. It’s very cute and fun.
Those two also have a Riverdale recap podcast called Sex Archie, which I don’t listen to (because I don’t care about Riverdale) but which has possibly the best title you could give a Riverdale recap podcast so I feel it deserves mention.