Podcast Recommendations


I definetly wouldn’t have been able to read the amount of X-Men I have without them!


I’ve been getting more and more into Retronauts recently, especially since they launched Retronauts Radio where they discuss recent retro video game OST releases. It’s got me buying video game OST LP’s far too much.


Most of the podcasts I regularly listen to have been mentioned lots of times already but the ones I like that haven’t been mentioned much/at all are:

Alice Isn’t Dead and Within the Wires are two podcasts under the Night Vale umbrella so they’ve got some real hood surreal shit going on. The former has a part 2 happening now but the latter doesn’t yet… someday I hope!!!

Oh No Ross and Carrie is a show where those two investigate fringe science, paranormal claims, and religious groups by taking part and joining/trying things and then talk about their experience with those things. It’s super neat!! Many episodes are one-offs but then they also have some longer multi-part series like joining Scientology.


A lot of the stuff I like seems to match other people here, so I’ll go more into The Flop House, which I got into after hearing an episode performed by the McElroys.

It’s a podcast about bad movies (either critical or commercial failures), mostly summarising the plots, but with seemingly endless joke tangents.

The hosts are all funny people, including Elliott Kalan, who was hired as head writer on the new MST3K.


not sure if you have to be British to enjoy it but The Adam Buxton podcast never fails to cheer me up.


Hardcore history is one of the greatest things on the internet. They are very long but super informative!


I’m big into finding Tabletop Actual Play podcasts that I like (like Friends at the Table), so far I’ve also really liked Comic Strip AP. Which has people playing various tabletop games but for only 10-15 minutes at a time per episode weekly. It’s really neat, bite sized, and all of them are really great, imo.

I also really like Pocket-Sized Play from the same network, which is condensed AP to about 30-45 minutes without much table banter. They play mostly small press games, so I dig it a lot.


+1 for 99pi. I used to listen to tons of “early” podcasts (2006-era) while in high school, but fell out of it, for whatever reason. 99pi introduced me to “modern” podcasts, and it’s easily the first one I recommend to new podcast listeners.


Our Debut Album is incredible. I don’t understand how it isn’t wildly popular. They’re writing hit songs over there!


I was starting to scroll through here to see if it was already said, but then I realized it doesn’t matter.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

A fantastic fake advice show, if it’s the right humor for you, it’s very consistent and quotable.


I listen to way too many podcasts to list here but these are my current favorites

Video Games

  • Beastcast
  • Cool Games Inc
  • Besties


  • Uhh Yeah Dude
  • If I were You
  • My Brother, My Brother, and Me


  • Chapo Trap House
  • Five Thirty Eight
  • The Bernie Sanders Show


Man, I love podcasts. I listen to them at work so I’m constantly in search for new stuff. Anyway, here’s the podcasts I always stay caught up on:

True Crime:
In the Dark
Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?
Someone Knows Something (maybe skip season 1)
Sword & Scale
The Unresolved Podcast (really rough around the edges)

Video Games:
Waypoint Radio (obviously)
The Easy Allies Podcsat
TOVG Podcast (hosted by Super Bunnyhop)
Frame Trap

Reply All
You Must Remember This

I guess it’s pretty easy to tell which genre I prefer.


I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I kind of cycle through different ones and then come back to others.A new podcast I found only recently, that I have really been enjoying is Let’s Watch 2 Movies, a movie podcast hosted Maddy Meyers and Mary Ellen Murray where they pair up two movies on similar topics and then talk about them. I enjoy the fresh perspective they bring while also being quite funny. I’d recommend the two Hulk episodes, and the Birdman/Frank episodes. (also their episode about The VVitch clarified to me why I did not like that movie, which I couldn’t really put my finger on before.)

Also just to be clear, the movies are paired up, but in separate episodes, so if you like to pick and choose eps, make sure you at least listen to the paired eps in chronological order.


99pi is so good. So many interesting stories I would have never heard about if not for them. If anyone is looking for specific recommendations I would say check out these ones:

On Average
Mojave Phone Booth
The Worst Smell in the World (this is the first episode I listened to and it hooked me)
Project Cybersyn

Edit: Also the new Idle Thumbs Network show Something True gives me similar vibes, but has a more dramatizied telling of the stories. Very good so far.


Chapo Trap House (Austin has mentioned it in passing at least twice): iTunes Souncloud

Other-Chapo like podcasts:

Dead Pundits Society

Delete Your Account

Revolutionary Left Radio

Discourse Collective

It’s Going Down

What a Hell of a Way to Die

I’d recommend game podcasts, but that list would just look like everyone else’s here. So here’s some random stuff I like (some of them are about games):

LazyCast Podcast

The Baffler

All Songs Considered

Science Solved It

Let’s Fight a Boss

The Age of Napoleon



Comedy/politics: Chapo Trap House
Comedy: Comedy Bang Bang; My Brother My Brother and Me
Culture/Politics: The LRB Podcast; The LRB Bookshop Podcast; BBC Start the Week


My favorite gaming podcast might be the Game Informer Show. Ever since Ben Hanson took over as host, I haven’t found a more hilarious video game podcast.

My runner up gaming podcast is probably the Giant Beastcast.

In terms of non gaming podcast, my favorite is the Parapod, but it has kind of ended with the latest series. It is a show hosted by two British comedians about the paranormal. I first heard of it from Jim Sterling.

I just started listening to Important if True. I don’t listen to any Idle Thumbs podcast, but I tried this one and I find it genuinely entertaining.


I’ll recommend Sunday School Dropouts, since it hasn’t been mentioned.
The hosts are critically analyzing their way through the whole bible, but not in a “Internet Atheist ‘God Isn’t Real’” way. They manage to goof on the Bible a lot, but they are still pretty respectful of Christianity in general (although they do a lot of good analysis of messed up gender politics throughout all of it).
Plus, the hosts are adorable and hilariously goofy, so I usually get a couple belly-laughs per episode


My favourite podcast by far is Hollywood Handbook. It’s honestly the thing that makes me laugh more than anything right now. It’s a show steeped in like 5 layers of irony and satire, it’s incredible.

Doughboys is probably my other favourite show. The hosts have such perfect chemistry they can make even the dullest conversation topics hilarious.


It’s the obvious answer but Giant Bomb are still the best in the business IMO. They bring a level of knowledge and experience that’s unmatched and their business structure means they don’t have to chase clicks in the same way as most outlets. No amount of “takes” is a substitute for having been in the industry since the 90s. Jeff’s forgotten more about games than most people knew in the first place.