Podcast Recommendations


Team Tiger Awesome Show. No other podcast makes me laugh audibly as often.


My favorite non-gaming podcasts are The Low Post (NBA), Hardcore History (History), The Fall of Rome Podcast (History), and Men in Blazers (Soccer). I also enjoyed S Town. I always consider picking up more, but I have trouble keeping up with these along with Waypoint Radio and the Bomb and Beastcasts.


The Read: self-described as “weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture’s most trying stars.”

Reply All: folks documenting ways in which the Internet intersects with our human lives. an ep i’ve enjoyed recently is the one where they talk with Longmont Potion Castle, a kind of absurdist prank caller.

Street Fight Radio: a couple of Ohio anarchist, working class dads just talking about politics and the world. a good recurring theme they’ve had lately is making fun of Mike Rowe.

also, I’ll throw in a recc for Friends at the Table. Season 2 is probably some of the best fiction i’ve heard in years. been thinking about doing my fan edit for the first 10 episodes because they’re very slow and could benefit from some cuts. after that though, the show really takes off.


Thanks for all of the political recommendations! Been trying to find more leftist podcasts, these sound pretty great (I’m listening to Dead Pundits Society right now and I really like it!).


Laser Time is a great pop culture podcast.


Friends at the Table and The Adventure Zone are really good Actual Play Podcasts, particularly Friends at the Table’s COUNTER/ WEIGHT season (although that may be because I like Mechs)

I also really like podcasts where even if I don’t particularly care or know about what the people are talking about, I still like listening to them, which I will call the Car Talk Effect. Such podcasts would be The Flop House (they go on a LOT of tangents, but also they’re a really funny bad movie podcast), The Giant Bombcast, and the Giant Beastcast.


oh yeah, another good podcast to check out is Spawn on Me, centered around voices of color in gaming. It’s a gooood listen. I’m sure


A few of my favorites that haven’t yet been mentioned:
Anime Feminist: anime is bad, but these takes are good.
Fresh out of Tokens: diversity and inclusion in gaming
Fansplaining: general podcast about fan culture and fandom


Let me put another shoutout to A Life Well Wasted. It’s dead, but all the episodes were something special.

Also, if you’re into how the sausage is made regarding video games, Idle Thumbs’s Designer Notes are really great conversations with game designers about their life and their body of work.


My Dad Wrote a Porno is the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. It is unmissable.


Lately I’ve been listening to Nocturne, although its a bit infrequent. It’s slice of life stories/documentaries all centered around (you guessed it) the night. As someone that’s a bit of a night owl, I find a comfort in some of these stories and find some to be pretty relatable.

And I wish there were more A Life Well Wasted!


Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast by Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt

Two guys watch and comment on Grown Ups 2 every week for a year


It was like witnessing a slow descent into madness. Quite hilarious!


It’s relatively new, but there’s a podcast by Maddy Myers and Ryan Pagella about the X-men cartoons that I’ve been digging a lot called the Mutant Ages. They’re big nerds about X-men so they actually know a lot about it, which I always find a fun angle for a rewatch podcast. Heads up that the first episode is about a pilot for a cartoon that didn’t get made, and then they move onto the 90’s animated series that you’re probably expecting.


Don’t forget about it’s sister podcast, Till Death to us Blart, a yearly podcast where the McElroy brothers and the hosts of the worst idea ever cast watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 every year till they did, and then are replaced by their second, to continue forever.


Anna Faris Is Unqualified is one I just started listening to and its pretty great. I’ve liked Faris since the first Scary Movie so then I saw she had an advice podcast where she just brings in all her actor/actress friends to chat and help people out. Some of the guests she’s had have been GREAT. She is also married to Chris Pratt who pops in from time to time. There was a great episode a while back where Chris Evans happened to be on, and Pratt showed up.

/Flimcast is pretty much my go to podcast for film stuff. Dave Chen (/Filmcast host) does a bunch of podcasts with Joanna Robinson and they are pretty great. GenPop, Decoding Westword and the now ended Ones Who Knock are all great.

Other than that a small craft beer podcast hosted by one of my local brewery head brewer/owner called The Coolship Podcast. And a bunch of other ones that other people have listed too haha.


I recently started listening to the Easy Allies Podcast

I don’t find them to be all that insightful about the games industry, but their specific mix of positivity, comradery and earnest exploration of each others opinions is pretty endearing


I listen to a bunch because my work allows me some freedom when it comes to mental focus a good amount of the time but I just want to highlight my favorites:

Hollywood Handbook - Very glad to see it represented here by another highly discerning podcast listener. It’s occasionally a really excellent meta-showbuisness satire but more often than not the show is a pretty specific comedy where Sean and Hayes play weird psuedo characters of themselves and always (on good episodes) rope their guests into the shtick as well. There’s a ton of inside jokes so I recommend starting at the beginning as well. Recent standalone favorites are the John Gabrus arc, Carl Tart, Ike Barinholtz and as the other poster mentioned PFT.

Waking Up with Sam Harris - Potentially a bit controversial on this board but I really respect Sam as a great rational intellect and he gets a ton of great guests on the program to have discussion on politics, technology, consciousness and everything else.

Chapo Trap House - leftist dirtbaggery, probably whom the people that coined ‘Bernie Bros’ were thinking of at the time. Socialism and leftism without the dour nature that is so often it’s accompanyment.


I’m a big fan of the duckfeed.tv podcast network. Their most popular shows are Watch Out For Fireballs, which is a video game show where each episode they play a video game and analyze it book club style, and Bonfireside Chat, a Dark Souls podcast which is apparently ending.

I like both of these shows a lot but I’m also a fan of other shows like Teenage Dirtbags (a show where they watch music videos and make jokes), The Level (a weekly general video game discussion show), and Check It Out, Comrade (an indie video game podcast). And trust me it doesn’t end there, there are podcasts for many things including DnD monsters, the Dark Tower book series, and R.E.M.

Being in a Persona 5 mood, one of my favourite podcasts right now is Megaten Marathon, a Shin Megami Tensei themed podcast. They’re currently doing a series of episodes on Persona 5 but in the past they’ve covered the NES Megami Tensei games, the book that inspired the franchise, Persona 1, and SMT: Strange Journey (which broke many of them).

Moving onto the Laser Time network, after bouncing off Vidjagame Apocalypse a couple times, I gave Thirty Twenty Ten a shot when it debuted and loved it. Since then I’ve checked out the mainline Laser Time podcast and enjoy an episode every once in awhile. Now that I’ve gotten more accustomed to the Laser Times hosts, I check out Vidjagame Apocalypse more often nowadays.

I only listen to two movie podcasts currently but I love them both. Alcohollywood is a movie analysis podcast with a drinking game to go along each movie. The hosts are smart and only give good analysis so no matter the movie, it’s good listenin’. My other favourite movie podcast is We Hate Movies. It’s a bad movie podcast, a god knows I’ve had my share of bad movie mock media, but these guys are so funny and so fresh that it feels like a whole new medium.

Finally, I’ve been dipping my toe into RebelTaxi’s Pizza Party Podcast. I’ve not listened to it too much but I am in the search of a more or less current cartoon podcast. So far it’s been entertaining.


I enjoy The Ringer’s stable of podcasts. If you are into sports all their sports ones are good and of course the Bill Simmons podcast touches on a bit of everything. I really enjoy his style of interviewing.

The Watch podcast they do is also really good if you are into TV.

They started a video game podcast as well called Achievement Oriented which is pretty decent.