Podcast Recommendations


I really enjoy Interrobang (w/ Travis McElroy and his friend Tybee) for their frank and emotionally honest discussions on lots of issues. Both of them seem like really wonderful people who make it a point to strive and always do better by others, and that’s something I want to do too.

On a less serious note, I’ve just recently started listening to Danielle and Rob’s podcast, Idle Weekend. It’s always nice to hear more gaming talk - especially when it delves into some more niche titles - but I think my favorite part is the weekend roundup, where they each discuss other media (books, TV, etc) they’re currently into.


I’ve been trying to expand my political podcast horizons, following the election of Trump, as I try to better understand the sides of right-leaning politics that I’ve mostly ignored because I’ve pretended it’s all under the umbrella of Fox News. So far, the best one I’ve found is the podcast companion to the magazine Commentary. They’re reasonable folks, even if I disagree with takes on policy. That’s what I was looking for.


I agree on your point with Vidjagame Apocalypse, often I love the first segment of the show and then kind of fall off of the last two.


what about important if true


School of Movies (http://schoolofmovies.podbean.com/)
We Hate Movies (http://www.whmpodcast.com/)

System Mastery (https://systemmasterypodcast.com/)
Most of the Idle Thumbles Podcasts (https://www.idlethumbs.net/)


I started listening to Big Gay Nerds earlier this year. It’s a tabletop RPG podcast focusing on LGBT+ folks. It’s still a pretty new show, but the cast is generally cool and they started with Monster Hearts so that’s pretty cool. (Full disclosure: one of my friends is on the podcast, but that’s only why I started listening. I keep coming back because it’s pretty entertaining.)


Most of the podcasts I listen to have already been talked about, so heres some stuff thats a bit different:

Bad at Sports and The Conversation are both good podcasts for people who want to hear interviews with contemporary artists! (sound of crickets chirping)

FR/BLCK/PR (Free Black Press Radio). Podcast/music project by the LA based rapper Busdriver. Bit weird, but interesting.


Cum Town
Bodega Boys

Chapo Trap House
Whale Vomit
Jacobin Radio
The Partially Examined Life
Common Sense with Dan Carlin

The Lowe Post
The Bill Simmons Podcast
Dunc’d On

The Set Count
Bonfireside Chat
Waypoint Radio (duh)
Watch Out for Fireballs

Cum Town is probably my favorite podcast, though you need to be able to stomach all the irony. I can relisten to old eps all day.


Drink Champs and the now-defunct Taxseason are the best hip-hop podcasts.


So after seeing so many people recommend Chapo Trap House I finally dove in and loved the first episode I listened to. That said, I’m a little discouraged about the bi-weekly release format for non Patreon supporters. Is it worth pulling the trigger to get access to all the episodes? Maybe I’m just being stingy because I don’t usually pay for podcasts.


I’ve been listening to Retronauts for almost a year. Are there any other old people game podcasts that dive into history? Or maybe podcasts that cover the current arcade scenes around the world?


Cane and Rinse do some pretty good deep dives on specific games, some older than others.


People have already mentioned every other podcast I listen to so I’m going to suggest Security Now if you are interested in cyber security. They do a really good job of explaining things in a way that you don’t need a lot of former knowledge outside of the basics which you can get from a quick wikipedia search of a term you don’t understand like hashing.


I’ve been impressed by the Intercept’s podcast lately.
It seems to focus on inherent rhetorics of american politics, covert operations of the U.S. government agencies, and the increased use of privately owned corporations by those agencies.

This week’s interview with Alfred McCoy is freaking me out.


My absolute top podcast, is The Infinite Monkey Cage, a BBC Radio 4 show about science. Every week they take a different science subject and just do a kind of panel discussion, eg, Astronauts, Human Senses, What Makes a Science a Science? was a good one. They get different guests every week, normally a couple scientists from a field related to the subject and a comedian to keep things light.

They did a great one with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and a Church of England priest as guests, and discussed the supernatural! It got slightly heated.


First Person Podcast

Discovered this one last year when I had given up on games media, and was looking for something fresh and actually good. Those of you looking for a gaming podcast that’s a little different should check this one out. It’s hosted by a few games studies grad students. Each episode usually revolves around one game or topic in which the hosts discuss their thoughts on these things, usually from an academic perspective. The cool thing is that they do this in an accessible and fun way.

Check out their writing http://www.firstpersonscholar.com

Top Rank Magazine

Top Rank is a great podcast which focuses on the work of women from varied backgrounds in cultural, activist, and academic fields. The conversations and topics covered are great and always fun. The format is usually one topic per episode. This allows them to really explore the topics well, which are also occasionally things you have not considered.

Never read the magazine itself, but if this is what their podcast is like I’m sure the magazine is probably just as good if not better.

Radio Motherboard

The only tech podcast / publication that matters (but if Vice keeps going the way it is, that won’t last).

They don’t do any of that dumb rumor bullshit about fucking gadgets. Rather they tell stories about technology in the broad sense, from bio hacking, the future of war, to edgelords and social media, and how these things are shaping our collective future.

The Outline

Just listen to their shit. It’s all fun and informative stories and conversations.


Ok I am looking for a very specific type of podcast: a cryptid/paranormal podcast (preferably light on the ghosts and aliens though) that does NOT dissolve into vile accents as soon as the hosts start talking about something outside America. I saw Cryptid Keepers mentioned earlier in the thread and that was pretty good but I’ve finished all of it and want more. I’ve tried Last Podcast on the Left and a) bad accents and b) hated all the hosts, and I’ve tried Blurry Photos and it was ok up until someone mentioned England and the hosts started putting on awful accents and sounding as though they’d never heard human language before. Literally unlistenable.
Help me Discourse Zone, you’re my only hope.


I’m going to plug a few podcasts that I hadn’t seen mentioned here.

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Reviews is one of my favourite podcasts when the hosts are doing their own work (they’re currently not doing the show for the summer, so you’ll need to go back three weeks), with BBC radio personalities in the weird liminal space between modern podcasts and, well, radio. It’s very injoke-y at this point, but that is part of the fun. Weekly on Fridays.

Gastropod is a podcast that examines food through the lens of culture and science. It avoids quackery and tells interesting stories about different food topics, from U.S. Southern food (and all its manifest influences and political ramifications) to the world-spanning importance of butter. It doesn’t shy away from discussing the controversies, misogyny, and racism that come with food, which gives it a strong and necessary edge.


Lots of stuff I listen to has been said already.
Chapo Trap House
Delete Your Account

Comedy Button

Some I didn’t see but have enjoyed:
The Katie Halper Show
Streetfight Radio
TZM Global Radio (which just relaunched in a new round table discussion format so it’s a good time to jump on).

The Secular Buddhist

Oh and I just started Logged Off, which has been fantastic.


Oh, everyone should listen to Discourse Collective.