Podcast Recommendations


Tights and Fights!

The one and only wrestling podcast my heart needs, it is basically perfect and hilarious and consistently makes my week better.


My favourite podcast is Stuff You Should Know. It’s like the wikipedia-rabbit-hole of podcasts where you end up learning about stuff you didn’t know you wanted to learn about. And it’s not scripted so it’s like listening to two guys discuss a thing. Plus Josh and Chuck are both charming and funny.


Currently some of my favorite podcasts are:
Love & Radio - One of my overall favorite podcasts
Reply All - The most recent set of episodes about a call center trying to scam one of the hosts is hilarious
Strangers - This podcast has gotten me to completely stop working and just listening uninterrupted. There are some really great stories in this one.
99% Invisible


I’d kinda like to throw a shoutout to my professor/mentor, Scott Carrier’s podcast here: Home of the Brave. He’s been a frequent contributor to This American Life, and his podcast is a mix of selections from his career in radio, as well as new stuff where he goes out into the world and talks to people. He snuck into Afghanistan after 9/11, and was in Nepal after the earthquake, and he makes for a good listen. If you’re gonna start somewhere, start with the Najibullah in America episode.


I listen to a couple of the podcasts/shows from Easy Allies like the Easy Allies Podcast, Frame Trap, Tabletop Escapades, and Fiasconauts. They’re all a ton of fun thanks to the jolly crew and their ‘Love and Respect’ mantra. Newbie here so I’ll definitely have to check out the Waypoint podcast. Always need more podcasts for my daily commute.


I just started listening to Speech Bubble.

The podcast is hosted by Jace Diehl and Butch Hartman. Hartman created The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom. They talk about cartoons and movies and even though there’s only been 3 episodes so far, I’m really enjoying this super high energy podcast.


I have a job where I get listen to podcasts for 8 hours a day while I work so I’m constantly on the lookout for new stuff to rotate into my playlist. Some of my current favs that I don’t think get enough love:

Secret History of Hollywood: narrative histories about various topics from movie history. Currently going through a series on producer Val Lewton.

Bright Sessions: people with super powers going through therapy sessions. Like a lower key Heroes before it got bad. Just started a new season.

Imaginary Worlds: a 99% Invisible-like podcast that looks at various topics related to sci-if and fantasy.

And I always gotta throw some love towards The Best Show with Tom Scharpling, even if it’s technically still a radio show even though I mostly listen to the recorded podcasts nowadays.


I’m somewhat of an avid podcast listener. You might call it obsessive (I’m subscribed to 400), It’s such an great medium, and there’s always a new interesting one to discover. Here some of the interesting ones I learned about this month so far

Centuries of Sound - A unique history podcast that presents sounds and music from each year since 1859. Speeches, music, recordings, sounds, and more
Zealot - Think My Favorite Murder, except with cults instead of murder and Australian accents
The Crate & Crowbar - A game podcast that includes the great Tom Francis
Tumanbay - Essentially the Game of Thrones of podcast audiodramas. An epic fantasy BBC-produced series with political intrigue and medieval action
Second Wave - A compelling and eye-opening series talking with second generation Vietnamese-Americans and the post-Vietnam War effects they still feel
The Dark Place - Raw and real stories from people struggling with mental health, from depression to abuse
How Do You Sleep At Night - A fascinating series that interviews people involved in taboo/infamous activities, from a stock market manipulator to a tobacco lobbyist
The Marble Garden - A podcast that travels to different cemeteries and mausoleums to tell about the stories and lives of the deceased
Weird Work - Think Dirty Jobs, but weird and unusual jobs, like taking us into the world of Amazon’s dinosaur erotica authors
Never Seen Before - Two charming and fun hosts watch classic movies they’ve both never seen before
How’s Your Day - Other personal stories from famous and infamous days through history


This is one of my favorite podcasts - there’s so many different perspectives on games writing out there, and it feels like each podcast jumps from one to the next each episode. The latest episode had Ashley Burch (Chloe from LiS) and Kate Dollarhypde (PoE writer), but there’s also been an episode with Emily Short (prolific IF writer) that went into the more experimental edge of games writing & narrative in VR, and another with Josh Mosquiera (D3 game director) that put a larger focus on emergent storytelling. Also among their guest list have been Alexis Kennedy (Fallen London & Sunless Sea writer), Cara Ellison (Dishonored 2 writer & games journalist), Tim Schafer (DoubleFine writer), and Meg Jayanth (80 Days writer).
You might also have noticed that there’s been a fair amount of female names in the guest list, and this is because they’ve also been noticeably committed to not just having every single episode be all guys, which is wonderful.

Check them out!


This is right up my alley. I love game-dev interview podcasts, and I love the idea of one that specifically focuses on storytelling. Thanks for the suggestion! :smile:


I listen to way too many podcasts due to my job. Mysterious Universe, MBMBAM, and the Flop House are my big three but I listen to lots and lots of others, most of them Maximum Fun shows, though I do listen to Waypoint Radio and Fave This (RIP Match 3).

But I listen to a ton more on an occasional to semi-occasional basis.


This sounds like my kind of gaming podcast. Love ones that have a heavy specifc focus like this, thanks for the recommend


Lots, among them:

For Actual Play: Heroes Not Included. It’s run by a great DM and the players are really fun and funny. Still fairly new, but they already have lots of content.

Sayer - An incredible ride narrated by a powerful AI. Amazing.

Within the Wires - A beautiful an unique journey that actually moved me a great deal. I also listen to the other Nightvale Presents stuff. All so good.

Hello From the Magic Tavern - Funny podcast recorded in a magic tavern in a magical world some dude fell through a portal into from a Burger King parking lot. He interviews the inhabitants. Fun stuff.


The only good podcast is The Best Show with Tom Scharpling.


Bodega Boys
Comedy Bang Bang
Chapo Trap House
Waypoint Radio
The Polygon Show

Harmon’s new podcast Whiting Wongs is pretty good so far, too.


Another batch of recommendations

Kill By Kill - A fun and funny deep dive through the Friday The 13th franchise
Monster Dear Monster - A series that explores the history of monsters and creatures from pop culture, like the enemies in Nioh and the vampires of 30 Days of Night and Stakeland
Library of Things - A miniseries about London’s Library of Things, a library where you borrow useful items instead of books
Word of the Day - Gold ole Merriam Webster word of the day straight to your ears
Hanging - An investigative journalism series following the new police investigation into a 25-year old case of a young boy found hung in a family’s barn
Selects - A new show with a promising premise: short selections from interesting podcasts
Awful Grace - Audio soundscapes and interviews that immerse you in gripping human stories and struggles
Forensic Transmissions - Excerpts from 911 calls, police interrogations, court case testimonies, and other recordings
Gangland Wire - Stories of midland organized crime and investigation from a retired Kansas City detective
The Document - Insider accounts behind documentary films

Awful Grace was one of my favorite finds this year. It’s a journalism/interview podcast, but rather than clean narration or into-the-mic personal stories, Awful Grace takes a different approach. While some episodes have more traditional interview accounts, many of its stories are told through carefully edited audio soundscapes: the sounds of the street, 911 calls, police scanners, ambient dialogue from pedestrians, interviews and in-the-moment comments on the street.


I was missing your podcast thread, so it’s great to see more great recommendations and to have this thread in general. :slight_smile:


Right now, I’m just going through the old recommends. But yeah, glad to have a new podcast thread for now


Pretty much every major site has their own (or several) podcasts, as well as myriad other series that cover games in various fashions and forms. While learning about the site-related ones is usually easy, exploring beyond those can be quite a task

Some of those may be ongoing and current, some may be short-lived or discontinued, but all offer interesting game-related listening

Beyond news and critique
Final Games - Developers and journalists (guests have included Jason Schreier, Max Tempkin, and William Pugh) discuss their desert island games
Checkpoints - Interviews with developers (ie Rami Ismail, Bennett Foddy, and Chris Remo) about the games that have inspired them and had impacts on their lives.
A Life Well Wasted - Essentially the “This American Life” approach to topics related to games
Top Score - Discussion about video game scores and interviews with composers
Designer Notes - Talking with developers about why they make games and other game design elements
Game Is A 4 Letter Word - Another NPR-esque series about games and gaming
Infinite Ammo - Interviews with various indie game developers
Three Moves Ahead - Discussion on strategy games and strategy game mechanics/design
Headshots - Discussion on the psychology of gaming and recent gaming news
History Respawned - Focuses on exploring the historical context and accuracy of history-related games like AC, Mafia, and more

Indie games/Focused discussion (single game per episode or multiple episodes)
The Short Game - Focused on games that can be completed in a few hours or days, mostly indie games across PC, consoles, and mobile
Check It Out, Comrade - Two indie games discussed each episode
Cane and Rinse - Each episode looks at a single game, from a wide spectrum of classic, recent AAA, and indie titles
Dev Game Club - Veteran developers play and discuss a single game across several episodes
Watch Out For Fireballs - Focused on older games, although some episodes dicuss more recent releases such as Dishonored
Twenty Dollar Gaming - Monthly discussion about a $20 game that the hosts play throughout the previous month
Roguelike Radio - In-depth discussion and analysis of roguelikes, roguelites, and roguelike mechanics
Script Lock - A series of interviews with various writers and developers, focused on narrative and writing, and how they intersect with game design


Thanks. I have a difficult time sifting through all the “News of the Week” or “Let’s Chat About Our Week”-style podcasts, which don’t interest me that much. Good to have this launchpad.