Podcast Roll Call


What podcasts do you all listen to on the regular?

Currently I’m in it to win it with:

  • Giant Bombcast
  • Giant Beastcast
  • Waypoint Radio
  • My Brother, My Brother, and Me
  • The Adventure Zone
  • CoolGames Inc
  • Comedy Bang Bang
  • Spontaneanation
  • How Did This Get Made
  • TV Avalanche

  • Bombcast
  • Beastcast
  • Waypoint Radio
  • 99% Invisible
  • 8-4 Play
  • Rebel FM
  • PodBurglars (Formerly Internal Affairs; the giant bomb intern podcast)
  • Shift F1
  • Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Podcast
  • Serial

I started listening to Rebel FM when it first came out, then the quality went down and I stopped listening for 3 or 4 years. Listened to a new episode a while back and it got good again, so that’s a pleasant surprise.

I listen to MBMBaM on and off. I subscribe for about 20 episodes, get bored then stop listening for a year or two then come back for another 20 or so episodes.



Closing this one down because there’s another similar thread!