[PODCAST Waypoints 41] Billionaire Proves Once Again That You Should Never Trust Billionaires

I think that also still comes out to “a supercar every three years or so money.” See that new McClaren coming out? Put aside some of that 400k a year and by the time they inevitably release the version that doesn’t have all the early model suck you’ll have the moolah for it.

Anyway, surprised no one talked about this part of the podcast yet: per Kamala Harris’ proposed extending of school days; As someone who hated all of school, what about the kids who hate all of school? Will an option in those extra three and a half hours be for a kid to wrap up in a blanket and watch TV in a room by themselves? Cause that’s exactly what I did after school and wanted to be doing instead of whimpering silently and staring at the clock till 2:30 while surrounded by students I didn’t want to interact with and a teacher I didn’t like assigning work I didn’t want to do. Sure, Rob alluded to associated traumas but where’s my vocal “school is hell and no child deserves such a thing merely for an education” contingent?

God, she better at least being proposing to get rid of homework.


My parents pushed me to try new things and be active in extracurriculars, but it was never forced. When I was in 4th grade I joined a library club or something where we helped reshelve books after school, and I just kind of stopped going. After missing 2 meetings I got a paper from the librarian stated that if I missed 2 more meetings I would be kicked out of the club. It really stressed me out, and even though I didn’t want to keep going it made me feel like I had to. My parents told me that if I didn’t want to do anything extra I shouldn’t feel pressured, and honestly it was just good parenting. They knew I didn’t want to do it and didn’t make me. I can’t imagine, at that age, being forced to stay at school until 6. I liked school, but I liked being home, too.


Honestly, as someone who generally enjoyed school (and who works with high school students right now), it still sounds absolutely awful. Her proposal seems like a prototypical neoliberal “solution” that papers over a problem for one group of people by shafting another group of people (in this case, a group that has a limited political voice). I can’t imagine that she’s talked to either students or anyone who works in any capacity with education about this, because absolutely no one who does would turn around and say “making the school day 11 hours long is a good idea.”

Though tbh making schools more like prisons would make perfect sense with her brand.


“The Killing of Ronald Reagan” by Bill O’Rielly.

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Congratulations on the baby! Have you been told that the hospital has a full year to bill you for the birth? We are approaching our child’s first birthday and still getting bills! It’s great!!!

This podcast was really something special and like couldn’t be better timed as my family is going through a pretty rough patch in financially (but also it could be so much worse) and just hearing everyone hash out what it is to exist and try and get by was very comforting.


If Bill Gates is worried about not being able to afford a wealth tax, maybe he shouldn’t drink at Starbucks as often. With a little bit of discipline, he should be able to afford it


With the talk about nonstandard hours. In my adult life, I have not met a single person who works 9-5. Ever. Mostly because who gets paid lunches anymore? The closest is 8:30 to 5, but 8 to 4:30 is even more common.

Most people I know, myself included, just eat breakfast and lunch at their desks and leave a half-hour early if they can.

I’m super lucky at my current day job since my boss both is never around and doesn’t care too much about actual hours as long as we get our work done. So I have it better than most and can work 8 to 3~3:30 most days. But I still have an hour commute both ways despite it being 6 miles.
“Your commute is part of your labor!” I say.