Podcasts, Not Reflexes, Are Helping Me Beat 'Cuphead'

Studio MDHR’s gorgeous, tough-as-nails new game teeters on the edge of good frustration.

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That interesting as I play most tough games without listening to anything since I need to focus on the game.

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I have one boss left on the 2nd ink island and think my death counter is up to 150something…

Some bosses just clicked for me but damnit Baroness von Bon Bon was a terror and the dragon nearly had me biting my controller… I have made a commitment to turning off the game, as long as I’ve beaten at least one boss/run’n’gun but I’m getting too stonewalled on another. Progress is progress in Cuphead and I figure I’ll get there eventually.

I can see how this would happen as it’s a similar thing to me. When I’m playing a game that doesn’t really have any explicit dialogue (e.g. Divinity: Original Sin 2) or the need to listen out for sounds (e.g. footsteps in PUBG) I’ll happily put on some music, an audiobook or a podcast that I might wile away the time and sink into it.

On a certain level I think when we’re listening to something else then, on a deeper level, we fall back on a “lizard brain” part. Then again this is my own pseudoscience so make of that what you will.

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I am a lot better at the Souls series when I turn off part of my brain like that. (I do find I have to mute the music and turn the sounds down pretty low if I’m listening to a podcast.)

Same here, in fact for many multiplayer games I’ll turn off music to help focus on sound effects.