Poke a Jerk In the Face In This Bizarre Browser Game


‘Human Head Simulator’ is an accurate representation of our species.

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A couple of interesting things about this game:

One cool thing is that it’s made with a simple 3D tile-based game engine that the author created. Try pressing E in game and you’ll bring up the editor window that lets you change this game or make your own.

For example, you could do something like this.

I’ve been a fan of Marek Kapolka for a while. I recommend this game to everybody!


I didn’t realize that it could go into the editor by pressing ‘E’. I guess you can’t save the project since it is browser-based?
I played with it a bit last night. I like how it has a raunchy style to it. The placement of hair is surprisingly enjoyable. I was hoping I could put layers of ear-wax down though. Neat thing.