Pokemon and ghosts


https://twitter.com/CyclopsAtlas/status/1064170521754050561 I made this as a goof while talking to my partner. But like, this actually brings up a pretty interesting question, if you know your pokemon can come back as a ghost at some to be determined date, even if its an entirely different species, would you still catch it?

Would you want it? Someone else might come along and do so, and then your pokemon would be out there in potentially some person who’d treat them like crap, or abuse them’s party.

Would you try and find a way to help it pass on if thats possible or would you keep your friend around?

Thats not even getting into the existential issues involving yamask obviously, this is just about that, and the ethics behind it.

Pokemon is messed up to begin with to be fair, but it tries to instill a sense of ‘friendship and caring’ with your group of pokemon, like these are ‘yours’ they’re your friends.

Thats more or less my thoughts on it and how messed up pokemon is, brought to you by a joke I made.


I’m not 100% on the context at the start there so I may be missing something but I don’t think ghost type pokemon are dead pokemon (unless you can catch the lavender tower ghost now or something in which case I stand corrected I guess)


According to the DEEP LORE of the pokedex entries accumulated over the years, many of the ghost types really are at least partially composed of the ghosts of dead pokemon.

Ghastly is poison gas from decaying corpses in a graveyard that got possessed by the ghosts of the dead pokemon decaying in those graves.

Some of them are even created from the ghosts of dead humans!! Yamask is 100% made of a human soul.

Drifloon is made of the souls of both humans AND pokemon!

Phantump is made of the souls of children who got lost in the woods and fuckin died!

Pokemon is rated E for Existential terror


I believe most are actually formerly humans so; Froslass, Yamask, Sandygast (from grudges), Phantump, Spiritomb, Drifloon, Honedge, and so on. Pallosand is probably the most cutesy evil creature ghost wise.


I imagined them arising from sort of ghostly death energy, not specific souls being returned to unlife.


I know some were people and such (yamask were even Specific People) but I wasn’t aware of any that were, like, specifically dead pokemon arisen as spirits

alright I’ve looked it up and Gastly doesn’t state pokémon souls (‘grievances of the deceased’ and ‘those who died from the gas’ and even they’re only like 5% of it), but I’ll grant you Drifloon - tho that’s a collective, not Your Dead Pikachu Arisen In Balloon Form


Cough Litwick


If human souls literally get turned into a single pokemon, there is no reason a pokemon couldn’t either.
I mean, pokemon are sapient, can remember names, hold grudges, have wants, desires, dreams. There is no reason why a particular pokemon soul couldn’t come back.

The question still stands…would you take it?


My understanding is that the Pokedex is pretty much composed of superstitions or urban legends, so I don’t think they’re meant to be taken as canon. That said, the idea that someone you know can die and turn into a Yamask and you can capture then evolve them into an eldritch sarcophagus makes Demon’s Souls lore look like the Care Bears.


I think Yamask are not recent dead people. “from past ages” (okay pokédexes since b2/w2 haven’t specified that but,)

I’m sorry my answer to this is to reject the entire premise of the question lmao. ghosts and Ghost-Type Pokémon would be different things imo.
EDIT: in my opinion it’s like how voltorb didn’t exist (/weren’t discovered) until pokéballs were invented: that doesn’t mean voltorb ARE pokéballs. it means, pokémon are given form by humanity’s knowledge/beliefs/collective subconscious, or something.
ghost pokémon are that. phantump aren’t LITERALLY the souls the lost children, they were (initially) given form because stories of ghosts that are the souls of lost children existed.

If I accept the premise that a specific ghost pokémon is the soul of a specific formerly living pokémon (which I don’t, obviously, but,) I think it would be literally impossible to tell which specific ghost pokémon was which specific formerly living pokémon

(hey I rejected the premise of the question again) sorry
I think generally it’s better for ghosts to Move On than to remain trapped on the mortal coil halfway between life and death so, I’d, help them move on I guess


I would love to die and come back as a Pokemon. Your karma determines your nature and IVs.


Ghost pokemon are friends, so ofc I’d catch them~

More seriously, even if specific pokemon can come back as ghost types, they’d likely be changed so much as to be considered as new entities. A slowpoke come back as a ghastly isn’t going to be anything like its old self, an the fact that ghost types almost universally love playing tricks suggest that ghost types have their own unique nature.

Also, while checking something for this, I came across the fact that there’s a shiny mimikyu in the sun and moon anime, which is apparently the ghost of a mimikyu. So, uh, double ghosts seem to exist in the pokemon world too?


On the topic of death in Pokemon I’m taking this moment to post the saddest cannon Pokemon story involving death https://imgur.com/gallery/xYFQA


I’m legitimately crying right now. Is this from Pokemon Adventures? Or a different manga?


Actually turns out it was fan made, could have sworn the last time I saw it come up that it was part of Adventures.

Will update when I find original creator.


Litwick just eats something’s soul I didn’t think it was purely souls.


I’m just saying saying the cutest evil pokemon is litwick.