Pokémon Shortage Is the Best and Worst Thing to Happen to Local Card Shops

Card and gaming shops are often community centers. They’re a place where people gather to play a couple rounds of Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, or Magic: The Gathering. Counterintuitively, some of these stores have thrived during the pandemic. People haven't been meeting up to play games in shops, but they’re buying more than ever before. It’s good business for the card shops in the short term, but people who work in the stores worry what it may mean for the future of the hobby.

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It’s really unfortunate that this is happening to Pokémon and not, like, Magic, because the target age for Pokémon is not the age where you can waltz into an LGS and plunk down half a grand on a shiny piece of cardboard. The idea of feeding gambling impulses of eight-year olds with fancy Charizards is its own problem, but denying that eight-year old the fancy Charizard in the first place because some professional Internet moron told you that Pokémon cards were going “to the moon” is almost a more egregious problem.


I guess it was inevitable that millennial 90s nostalgia would end up including nostalgia for the collectible item-driven comic and card shop bubbles.

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