‘Pokemon Ultra Sun’ is Really Good For Winter Blues


I hate winter. I hate winter with all the power of my soul and then some, a feature made worse by the four winters I spent as a California girl (with a New England upbringing and a New York City future). I have a nasty case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the hilariously aptly acronymed SAD, which basically makes me feel like shit during the long, cold, dark winter months.

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Keep trying, Rowlet! You’re doing your best!


I’m really looking forward to this game. Pokemon games have always been my comfort games; they’re reliably the same, but the updated mechanics and features keep things interesting. And as someone with SAD, they provide a lot of cheer.

I started with Rowlet in Sun, but I think I’ll go with Popplio in Ultra Moon.


I have also started crashing out surprisingly fast since the clocks went back here. I like the fresh, bright cool days but the long nights just do me in…

I don’t have a 3DS so I’ll be sitting these games out, but I can totally see Pokemon as the perfect game for SAD. For me, I think Stardew on Switch is going to be playing that role this year. It’s cosy, rewarding, and always there.


2016 was a difficult year for me.

A new member of my family was born at the end of 2015 and the growing pains weren’t really felt until early 2016. Later in the spring I moved my family across the country to be closer to family but lost all my friends in the process. To make up for the loss of friends I threw myself into political volunteer work with whatever free time I could scrounge up between full time work and spending time with my kids and partner.

It might not have been a great idea to invest myself in light of my emotional state, but I have no regrets. The frantic pace had taken its toll on me and I found myself in a dark place by the end the month.

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across Pokemon again. I played Blue when it first game out, dabbled with Silver, got a few badges with White but otherwise hadn’t thought about the series much. Maybe it was a Clefairy calling to me in my dreams. Either way, I left Gamestop with a copy of Pokemon Sun some times near the end of November.

Pokemon, it turns out, was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. Winter had set in before I’d realized it and I needed to escape to some place sunny. I needed a goofy sidekick to make me smile, I needed to win something, I needed to go somewhere to forget for a little while.

Besides the lovely setting and charming premise of Pokemon, I found that Pokemon Sun had changed a lot of things about the games that driven me away the last time I had played. My team leveled up faster, the game put relevant information front and center, and there were no more HMs to worry about! Every time I popped on my GB I felt like I was hopping into a game that had been made just for me.

My real life didn’t go away. I had to make new friends, I had to adjust to a a new job, I had to figure out how to integrate my littlest family member into my life. Pokemon Sun didn’t create a space that made me want to ignore those issues forever. It created a space where I could escape, recharge, and return to confront them head on.

PS: Popplio rules and all other starters drool. The end.


Spoke to this on the favourite single player topic but I am so happy with the new Pokemon games and am really looking forward to this new on. I originally bought Sun so I am very much looking forward to Ultra Moon.

The level design and narrative of these new games are surprisingly immersive and for a guy who has been raising pokemon since 1st Gen the vacation location is a really nice twist. Hope you are able to enjoy your experience again @Danika


This winter hasn’t begun for real where I live (Sweden) but when it’s at it’s worst it’s like -4 f or below and sun sets at noon then it becomes pitch black outside :-[. I suffer from seasonal depression and last year sun and moon helped me a lot by distracting me! Probably not getting the ultra ones but if you haven’t played them I strongly recommend them! This year I am going to California on vacation, and if I get sad later I’ll probably get Mario and a switch :slight_smile: