PokemonGo are you still playing ? are you coming Back with the gym rework


TLDR Are you still playing Pokemon go? When did you start? How do you feel about the Gym Rework ? whats the best story you had while playing ?

Hi everyone so before pokemon go came out I was hesitant on playing this game . Then my phone died I had a WP at the time so it left me with a choice get a new WP or an Android. Went to work and all my coworker had the Game and were catching stuff in store and walking around during breaks to catch more mons. I even went with them to a local park that night. The next day I got an s7 been playing every day since July 9th I’ve seen the crowds go from big to small in my area them spiking a bit with each event. But with the gym rework happening I’m even more excited to go out and earn gym badges and really hope that more people will get back into it well maybe not for a few days so I can run my small piece of town haha .


My roommates still play it sometimes, but last summer was the big rush for me. Something about being in the desert, in Arizona, in the summer, made not going outside somewhat appealing for some reason, so I fell off.

I was so certain I’d come back when Gen 2 friends got added back in, but I didn’t. It’s still on my phone! I just haven’t felt compelled to go back to it for some reason. I’ve been taking less walks in general, which this would probably give me good excuse for.

But I had no idea about this Gym rework and co-op stuff until you made this thread! Maybe I’ll bug my roommates about going out sometime soon.


Yeah, it’s still on my phone, but the >20 level grinding, combined with the number of hackers in my neighborhood (had gyms stolen out from under me while I was literally the only person there) means I just don’t have it in me to keep going.


That a bummer I know the feeling of standing at a gym and no one else is around and there a spoofer somewhere rebuilding a gym i just taken down hopefully with the one mom per gym (no more 4 blissys and a 2 dragonite) and other stuff they crack down on spoofing there already a thing going around where spoofed obtained mons have strikes across them


I had fun when it first came out. And that fun was just catching pokemon in real life. It was getting in the way of my daily activities and after getting my fav Dragonite I was good to stop.


Yeah, I’ve at least jumped by the game daily since last summer to get the bonuses. The gym update was the first time I actually bothered with trying to do gyms, so I’ve been playing around with it – though mostly for fun. My city hasn’t been overly bothered by spoofers as far as I can tell, and there’s a small milieu of players, so I recognise a lot of the usernames.

Going for a small late time spin now, to boost up some gyms.


I still play it. I will “catch 'em all” so to speak.

Yesterday I caught a dratini and a snorlax for the first time finally. And I evolved an Eevee into a Espeon which was the last eeveelution I needed.


Nice I caught one Snorlax and that was months ago i not seen another in the wild since then


I like the gym update except that you cant just press a button to claim coins anymore and i have no stardust anymore because you cant just train to grind it but i like the gym badges and spinning them as stops