POLAR BEAR CAV (A Total Warhammer III Thread)

I was thinking there wouldn’t really be any games of 2021 that I’d be super hyped for. I was extremely wrong.

They’re adding Kislev, they’re adding Cathay (which has only existed in lore up to this point, afaik), all four Chaos gods are getting their own armies, the map is going to be gigantic! Ogre kingdoms, maybe!

From the sounds of this interview, CA seems interested in making the definitive Total War game

I’m gonna put several thousand hours into this, at the very least. Let’s hope, however, that they tweak the diplomacy and corruption mechanics to make them a bit more interesting to engage with


I’m definitely interested in seeing how they handle Fantasy China.

Also, I’ve always been more into 40k, so I didn’t realise just how much the Warhammer Fantasy map was a straight-up copy of Earth until I saw a mock up of how the “Mortal Empires” map looks with the WHIII stuff added to it. I thought the “Fantasy China” thing was just a reference to the faction using Orientalist tropes, but no it’s literally in the exact same place as China would be with extremely similar geography and everything. And also the Japan analogue is literally called “Nippon”?

Seeing the Warhammer Map on the wall of the local Games Workshop store as like a 12 year old was really wild to me. I’m pretty sure there’s a region called Araby (just checked this is what they call the Northern half of fake-Africa). The fake-Americas are just called the New World lol. What a wild thing.

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Yeah, the Old World has a lot of frustrating 80s baggage re: non-Euro cultures (both naming and depictions). Cathay, Ind, Araby, and Nippon…

That said, I’m trying to be optimistic and hopeful re: the depiction of Cathay in TW3. I would really like to see a non-Euro faction done well in the Warhammer lens. (Dare I hope for non-shitty depictions of Ind and Araby down the line, one day?)

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CA got a lot of praise for how they handled Three Kingdoms, and AFAIK they’re the first ones ever to be depicting Warhammer Cathay, right? So hopefully they’ll do it responsibly.


There’s also quite a bit of speculation that Chaos Dwarves will be a dlc faction. Dwarves still haven’t gotten any rework other than the crafting mechanic be added to their faction.

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Personally, Cathay is the least of my worries about this game. Given that they’re working with a blank slate there they’ve probably got room to design something only mildly racist, at least. No, what I’m really worried about is the Ogre Kingdoms…

cw super racist imagery


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Honestly what I’m really hoping for is less new stuff and more fixing old stuff

Frankly they could just say “this game has nothing new but we’re fixing sieges, diplomacy, chaos, and beastmen” and it’d be a day 1 purchase for me.

That said I’d also accept yet another Skaven DLC. Idk maybe give Clan Mors Ska Bloodtail as a unit or something. Just keep favoring my horrible lil rat boys please.


Honestly, just make sieges cool, and I’m there on day one. It’s the most glaring weakness in an otherwise all time great series for me.

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I’m definitely much more curious what they will do with the campaign mechanics and other improvements and changes than I am excited about more factions… there’s already multiple DLC with new factions or lord packs that I haven’t played at all, let alone the fact that I’ve barely scratched Three Kingdoms. and I guess I did get a copy of Troy for free from the epic game store so I’m really deep in Total War shelf of the shame debt at this point

I will take a non-horde chaos faction tho.

Gimme Papa Nurgle and I’m happy. Gimme the Big Muculent Boy.

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