[Poll] Rate your favorite Pokemon starters by generation!

Hot off the heels of Pokemon Day 2019, and as we drool over the announcement of Pokemon Attac & Protec, let us take a moment to duke it out among one another with a POLL!

Here is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/3AocUi91pgKiHgc73

Rank your favorite Pokemon by generation. Pick your most & least favorite generation. And finally, let us know which way you’re leaning as far as your favorite Gen VII Pokemon!

(Waypoint crew: I would LOVE if you all did this poll together on the pod, even if you have 0/minimal interest in the series as a whole. I’ll provide the link to the results as well if you’d like to dissect those as well.)


For those interested in more detailed results, here you go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fT0JFJDes4-gpuGA9yyspWwe500zgWFWw1vIV--nN6c/edit?usp=sharing

“Best” was determined by ranked choice voting. 1st place votes got 3 points, 2nd 2 points, and 3rd 1 point.

Its good to see the plain fact represented that the water starters are objectively the best.

Also, glad Gen 3 is getting the most love, which i think is correct. Suprised that Gen 4 seems to be the second place gen. I really love Piplup, but the other two just do nothing for me. I guess its similar to Gen 5, where Oshawott is incredibly cute, but again, the other two do nothing for me.


me, loving every fire starter more than anyone else.

Gen VI is probably the only one where none of the starters looked appealing to me.

But, my favorites by type: Tepig, Turtwig, Totodile

I really feel like ya’ll aren’t respecting my pig child


My boy Bulbasaur had the lead for a while, but overnight everyone else showed up and squashed that.

Wow it seems like there’s a problem here? Almost all the ones that should be 1st are 3rd. u might want to check on ur technology

signed, grookey gang grass gang.


“This poll is literal fake news.”

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realtalk: I was torn between disliking gen IV or V more, but V at least has interesting evolutions. I’ve always disliked gen IV’s pokemon and games, and the starters just stay bland.

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Mods, y’all aren’t just gonna let this slide are you?

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I mean… they’re not wrong (yet)

I need to know how many participants were paid to take this survey and how much. It’s the only thing that can explain those numbers.


Yikes! But they’re all so adorable. Look at that owl’s bow tie! That cat is literal fire. And that seal. Def got the senior superlative for best smile.

I’m really surprised to see so much love for Gen III, since that’s where I start to struggle. From Gen III through V, the only starter I love without reservation is Snivy. Piplup is cute, but I don’t like the evolutions at all, and I’m not drawn to any of the Gen III starters. I think VI, VII and VIII are all big improvements. For best I was torn between VI and VII, but ended up going with VI because I love Froakie and Fennekin and their evolutions (I don’t know what’s going on with Chespin and I’d prefer not to talk about it)

Oh, and Chikorita is clearly the best from Gen II.


I need to know if we are taking their evolutions into account before making a decision on this.

You can vote based on whatever criteria you deem worthy for “best”.


I gotta admit, after 2nd gen I had to go off of the pics. The only one I did all the way thru was Blue, and Bulbasaur is my boy.


I think there’s a contingent (of which I am a part of) for whom gen 3 was our first Pokemon game. I also think, but this might be wrong, it was the first generation to have a loooot of memes.

Cool to see how everyone is wrong in each generation in isolation, but would be cool to see how everyone is wrong with every generation combined.

Also the worst thing about this poll is that Gen III is winning as everyone’s favourite when it’s like seriously only better than IV.

But if you want to hear some wrong opinions on all of the starters stacked up against each other, I wrote that list last night:

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Gen III doesn’t have a lot of my favorite pokemon, but I like it’s overall aesthetic the best.

Also like, come on: