Popular Game Mods Site Bans US Political Mods Until After the Election

Nexus Mods is a one stop shop for modifying video games. If you want to increase the texture resolution of trees in Skyrim or add Iron Man to Grand Theft Auto, Nexus Mods is the place to go. But the site has newly banned mods themed on U.S. politics in the lead-up to the election.

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Purely from a moderator workload standpoint, I think this was necessary. The flood of low-effort MAGA crap is too strong to deal with case-by-case.

Looks like Pride mods haven’t been affected, so that’s good at least.

The ‘political’ brush tends to sweep over things that aren’t political, so I’m glad that’s there at least.

Yes yes, good. I hope these aren’t taken down.

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They’re not removing anything that already exists, they’re just banning new submissions until after the inauguration.

That’s the main reason I’m ok with this, it’s obviously targeted at MAGA spam that was starting to ramp up (though I wish they’d just say that outright). Sucks if anybody was planning to upload a new BLM mod this month or something, but it’s not as bad as doing retroactive censorship.