Popular 'Hearthstone' Commentator Says He'll No Longer Work With Blizzard

One of Hearthstone's most popular and influential streamers is effectively cutting his ties with Activision Blizzard.

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Keep em coming. The more people close to the HS scene that come out like this the worse the stink will hang on Blizzard.


I saw Kibler was streaming Magic today instead despite there being a new mini expansion in Hearthstone and was hoping it was for that reason. glad to see him taking a stand there

I wonder how he’ll handle omnistone tomorrow. I’m sure at the very least they’ll discuss it

I hope more people associated with blizzard esports (who can afford to) use their influence in similar ways


If you want Kibler to comment, hop in his Twitch chat:

Really happy to see Kibler take this stand. He’s always seemed like a stand up guy to me and I’ve continued to enjoy his content despite hardly playing Hearthstone anymore (and especially not now). Will be interested to see how other professional streamers respond - it has seemed in the past that when they have been bored of Hearthstone and wanted a change, their audience has not necessarily followed them to other games so it seems a difficult place to be in but I hope they’ll similarly let their conscience be their guide.