Porgs: Yes or No?



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I feel the same way about porgs that I do about the Noppon from Xenoblade. They’re worse than the gungans and I would absolutely eat them.

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the new Star Wars and don’t actually know enough about porgs to make the above claim.


Porgs are great, I only had a few, but a friend of mine had a whole bunch and even a metal slammer.




They were created in a marketing board room to sell as much garbage with them plastered on as possible so I’m going to say no.


I was on-board until I was watching the film and realised they’re only there to sell merchandise. Big no.


I hear they’re delicious.


They’re for kids and a grown-ass man like myself should realize that and not be annoyed by them.

But I’m annoyed by them and want them to go away.


I googled porgs and no, absolutely not.
It’s like what if a furby and a seal had a baby, then you get whatever abomination that is.


OY wins over ON


See, “what if a furby and a seal had a baby” is a question I never knew my heart needed the answer to.


Porgs: Yes! The rest of the animals : No!




Porgs? No!

Crystal fox things?


Back me up on this @VulpesAbsurda.


They seem like friends, albeit ones I could see myself eating on occasion.


So, regular friends, then.


I’m conservative and eat only my closest friends.


I’m just lazy and closest friends are right there.


Well this topic got lewd.