[Possible Spoilers] Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Photo Thread!


Come on here and share your neato photos you have taken with the photo mode or by slapping on that print screen button.

I have found myself doing both.


Kassandra’s wit is as sharp as her blade.


That party scene was fun.

I wish there were more ways to interact with Greece’s politics.


I took a few more!


Just started playing tonight and was hoping we’d have a followup to last years Origins photo thread!
Heres some of mine from the opening island


Very good application of the bisexual filter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really genuinely love this game in general and Kassandra in particular and also the photo mode.


Hot damn, what are your specs?


I have to admit to taking the easy route - these are all from my Xbox One X. :slight_smile:


Some from the past week -



I wish you could hunt whales in the game, like in Black Flag.



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I hope I havent gone too far


But what truly cemented this as My Favorite Thing:


Got back into this game after taking a bit of break

I went on a date with Doris the Howling Terror

i tamed a wolf i named Hades and took him with me across multiple islands while i was clearing out question marks

its a real pain in the butt to keep a tamed animal persistent so idk how much longer i’ll have him but im trying my best

some misc shots:


I’ve been having a lot more fun with this game than I expected. And despite my computer being old and having to run the game on lowest settings, I think a few of the pictures I’ve taken are pretty ok looking.