[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


Red Rancher Redemption


As someone from a similarly antiquated community, I would love for there to be a turn of the century Pennsylvania Dutch simulator, or such. Making candles, churning butter, building barns, bonding with my brood, etc.

But I wouldn’t trust Rockstar with that subject matter. Not for a second.


As someone who has lived in Southern Appalachia their whole life, you really shouldn’t trust them with it. As much as I’d love a game that takes a lot of stuff from The Foxfire books, R* is the last developer I’d want to it. The stereotypes in this game were bad enough


Before I got distracted with other stuff, as I am wont to do, I started replaying this game and because I was tired of the boring auto-aim, I used free aim instead. This tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yOZSbDxEaE helped immensely in finding acceptable sensitivity settings.


To that end, I have played the entire game in first-person, with the Standard FPS control scheme, dead zone set to 0, and all sensitivity settings turned all the way up. It has been incredible. I absolutely recommend it to anyone. It’s much, much closer to a traditional FPS’s snappy feel than the drifty bullshit this game revels in - plus you can strafe left and right like ‘normal’ without turning your whole damn body.


I’ll give this another try - I started messing with it but idk almost felt like the game was just trying to be a FPS and not actually doing it. I should look at that youtube video too.


you know when you’re in a cabin trying to pick some pomade up off of a desk, and you turn arthur a little to the left and he takes three long strides and turns halfway away from the desk, so you turn him a little to the right and he takes a weird half baby step to the right and basically turns back around, and you’re still not even close to the fucking pomade? kiss that shit goodbye


Definitely have been first personing in buildings for a while! I’m thinking most about actually doing shootin’; also do you first person horse ride?


the FPS shooting, compared to the third-person shooting, is good! I didn’t turn off lock-on, though. I find R*'s shooting is a little too sluggish for some situations you find yourself in in this game, so I just left lock-on turned on and burned through it (and even then, it’s not like it becomes easy, but it does feel a lot better).

I don’t first-person horse-ride, though. Too much of the view was taken up by the horse’s head.


I wish it was a little easier to set it up like Deus Ex (and maybe GTAV? I can’t remember its settings perfectly) where I can run around and shoot in first person, but slide into cover and go 3rd person, transition back to first when I get out of cover, and have the same happen when getting on and off a horse, so I don’t have to hit the track pad 80 times to get what I want.


There’s a lot I wish I could change about the controls too… I seriously HATE the broke-ass way Arthur puts away his rifles on his horse, only for me to have to pick them out again. It’s sooooo bad.


I am pretty certain that exactly what you want exists. I KNOW it exists for horse camera, because I use that setting: switch to third-person when i get on a horse. It appears the same setting exists for cover, too.


I think I remember it not going back though, unless I just hallucinated this entirely. If it only works one direction it just means I have to constantly press buttons to keep playing in a particular way.


I’m not sure if you’re talking about cover or horse camera, but the horse camera is definitely “FPS at all times unless I am on a horse”, and I never have to touch the camera button.


I will go and retry this. Thanks for your help!


My horse that I’ve played the entire game with up to this point died because it was following me when I was driving a train, so can confirm I hate this game.

(Just kidding … maybe)


Trains are extremely deadly to horses, I saved my game before a (player driven, not story based) train robbery and could never make it not die.


Still thinking about how wild it is that the freakin’ ROCKSTAR game is eliciting this kind of emotional response out of people, major spoilers obvs: https://youtu.be/s9-jWVm1CxE

I don’t really have anything constructive to add, it was just a real “huh” moment of 2018 for me




(this is not meant 100% seriously) Am I allowed to say this is automatically the GOTY because this song exists in it