[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


The scene would have resonated more with me if Arthur didn’t run into a pack of wolves and then have it cut off, never to come back on again.


I had the same problem with the Mexico scene in RDR1 and to this day I have no idea why people rave about it.


Conspiracy theory: There’s some kind of system that activates late in Red Dead games that makes your horses more prone to death.

I didn’t lose a single horse until near the very end of my RDR1 playthrough and now after playing 90% of this game with one horse I’ve had two die on me in Chapter 6.

Second one got done in by a waterfall.


This was a comment over in the thread on Patrick’s article, but I’m responding over here so as to not take that one off topic:

This is interesting, because I thought that, too, but I liked it because it seemed intentional. We’ve been hearing since the first game that Dutch is not evil - he taught John to read! - he’s just from a different time. When people in RDR2 call Dutch a manipulative psychopath, those people are villains, so we’re conditioned to deny it. But they’re right, and they’ve always been right. This issue isn’t that Dutch or the world have changed, it’s that people around him are seeing past the veil.

It kind of relates to something about the voice performances I’ve noticed (or at least I think I have - I’m not sure whether I noticed something profound, am reading way too much into it, or am just seeing something that isn’t really there - still, if I was a YouTuber, I’d definitely make a 15 minute video about this).

In RDR1, everyone sounds like they’re performing in a stage play. The characters talk-shout {IS THAT SO, MR. MARSTON?} and over annunciate everything {YES IT IS, MISS MACFARLANE}. I assume this was intentional, to evoke the stage-y, wooden acting of old Western films.

In RDR2, most of the voice acting, even John for the most part, come across as much more natural. Except Dutch. Dutch still sounds like he’s performing. Because Dutch is performing, all the time. But now it stands out, and we recognize it for the act that it is.


Ya’ll are really gonna get upset when you realize that RDR2 is a beat for beat remake of GTA4: The Lost and the Damned…


The basic structure is definitely similar, but RDR2 is still way more thoughtful in, like, pretty much every way.

@WastelandHound You can actually find Dutch’s speech notes in camp, which I love. I know it’s meant to be a warning sign for what’s to come, but early on, it’s kinda delightfully dorky.


I’m back on my bullshit, for real this time. I don’t want chapter two to end. I want to just isolate this time frame and stay in it forever so things don’t have to get sad.

EDIT: Just wanted to call attention to two interesting stories I came across.

One shitty:

And one weird:

I know it’s difficult to police shitty behavior in online games and Rockstar obviously has a reputation for making games that assholes love, but I really hope that they step in and do something about this. The single player campaign obviously understands that some lines shouldn’t be crossed, so why can’t the multiplayer?

And I love that the Pinkertons, the private security company whose horrible crackdown on worker’s rights groups was probably responsible for A LOT of the crime on the frontier, is worried about looking bad.


I really enjoyed that first article but this sentence

You must eat, you must bathe, you must shave, you must clean your guns.

is hilarious in the context of playing a femme character in RDR2. My fiancé and I noticed that they do not have leg hair for the femme characters and there is no shaving option for them. They are just always perfectly shaved, no matter if you’ve spent all your time hunting in the wilderness, or what.


Aw, really? Damn, I was looking forward to that, I wanted to play RDO as a woman to get different customization options after 100+ hours as Arthur and was kinda hoping I could make a hairy hermit girl.


no hairy women, but the skirts are pretty nice


No hairy women

(sad Gimli face)