[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


Oh man I remember catching that Kong movie on HBO and it was giving me a headache! My girlfriend was just not noticing it and I was like “What?! How they hell do you not notice the change in aspect ratio it’s driving me crazy!”

And with the change in aspect ratio in RDR2, I honestly like what it does in certain scenes, but the problem I have with how the camera is framed when you’re just holding X so your horse follows the path is that the camera is framed to center entirely in your character. Even if Arthur is walking through or past some amazing landscape shots, the camera will just be barely covering that. I often like doing the free camera so I can see the huge amazing landscapes while on the horse.

I also love doing this in almost any Rockstar game, to try to be immersed in the world without being a total psychopathic murderer. It’s more fun to see what the game throws at you in small and interesting ways. Like I kept accidentally running into people with my horse because I still cannot control the horse in this game, and it’s fun to see people get mad and have to apologize to them or diffuse a potential fight in the streets of a small town.


I kind of like the shooting, despite how messy it feels. Compared to games like GTA V, where you felt like every bullet you fired was a pinpoint accurate execution, the game forcing me to be patient with my shots is a welcome change. I feel like you are rewarded for taking your time, lining up your shots, but you always want to get that early shot in to try and stop your enemy from firing at you. Though I do feel you on the controlling of the shooting. Just getting behind a tree to avoid fire felt awkward, in a bad way.

I’m glad other people like Charles too. I REEEEAAAALLY want Dan Houser to get this right, but I don’t have high hopes for the future of the character TBH…


Yeah like I said it feels like a very deliberate design decision, and I think it’s part of Rockstar’s mission statement for this game: don’t make the player feel like the singular dominant force in this world, but just one small part of it. I’ve died multiple times, crashed my horse into a tree, got covered in filth, ran out of ammo, lost my damn hat. I feel like a dude trying to make his way in a world that’s not easy on people, and it’s a feeling I wish more games leaned into. It’s why I’m more forgiving of the combat, because it contributes to this feeling of sorta fumbling your way through these situations.

And yeah, Charles and Abigail are my favorites. Really dug that brief conversation where Charles kinda calls out Hosea while he’s trying to do his white guy, sanitized version of explaining what happened with the Native American population in the area where the convoy is about to settle. Lot of moments like that between characters I’m excited to see.


Thats how i felt With GTAV when i borrowed it from a friend for a month. Just the feeling of driving through the world, enjoying the view, listening to music, was just so enjoyable. My friend was shocked when i returned it and I had only beaten like a quarter of the story. But the world was just so beautiful. I’m not shocked its the same way. I’m not going to buy this game, but i’m sure at least one of my friends have, so I’ll be interested to check it all out sometime in the far future.


well my nephew got me a copy of the cowboy game as thanks for me getting him a switch a few months ago, so…now i have the cowboy game. damn. not gonna shit on a 14 year old’s gift but i woulda preferred MHA instead :eyes:

the process started with me going “cool,” then opening the box and going “wait there’s two discs in here?”

i guess one of them is data and the other one is…more data. so i don’t think i’ll be playing this game any time soon. that’s fine though, still got odyssey.

e: real time look at how this interaction went:


It’ll probs take an hour and a halfish to get installed, it’s kind of a lot. Both discs (for PS4) contain like 45 gigs or something.


i’m happy i can go about my ps4 business since it’s not using my internet. normally i have to go into sleep mode and leave it like that for 30 hours.


Yeah, that’s about what it took for me.


Some rambled thoughts:

I’m having a good time so far, but I think this game’s adoration towards realism might put me off in the future.

By the second big gunfight I had stopped caring about looting every body because of the animation length. There’s been some missions where Arthur would grab someone else’s horse to give chase. Then my poor horse is left stranded in middle of nowhere and I have to either trek back to save her or visit the horse store in town. Just give me the option to quick loot with no animation and whistle my horse back from anywhere. Also, I hate traveling to the postoffice because my robin hood crimes keeping getting magically reported.

This game could benefit from some quality of life options.


I got out of chapter 1, and I didn’t mind the linearity as it at least allowed me to get used to these, unsurprisingly, wack-ass controls. I’m not far enough to comment on the story, but at least there’s only one slur so far, I guess?

At least the music owns bones, and the guy who voices Dutch is really good.


I really loved the vocal piece as the group was coming down the mountains.


I was thinking of that creaky violin from the intro, reminded me of this:

(That’s from a stroh violin btw)


God I forgot to even mention the music, the first real swell after the first gunfight of the game, with the barn on fire? Good shit.


It’s funny to me how obvious the Housers are when they copy films they like. The vignettes and music are verbatim from ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.’

Christ, Arthur even narrates like the film:

God, they even copied the shots of the clouds.

Micah is the ‘bad ass’ from 3:10 to Yuma…

It’s hard to give the Housers’ creative credit when they copy SO MUCH from popular media.

Also, fuck Jesse James. POS does not deserve the mythology we give him.


“Min-maxing horse wholesomeness” got a good chuckle out of me, thank you for this.


All the talk about the game being less focused on being a power fantasy (tho I’m sure its still extremely a power fantasy, this IS rockstar were talking about), with its clunkier controls and emphasis on a slow pace actually makes me more interested in it than before. That’s sort of how I play open world games anyway so a game that actually caters to that is intriguing.

I still dunno if i’ll play it though, since I have really soured on rockstar and become a lot more critical of the western genre since the first RDR came out, but I hope other games emulate those aspects of it once this game inevitably goes on to sell tens of millions of copies. Hopefully they can emulate those things without abusing their workers though!

I am a huge sucker for small extraneous details in games that contribute to atmosphere or immersion or w/ever, and will always welcome stuff like that, but if the cost is human lives dragged through the shit of excessive crunch conditions then they aren’t worth it.


One small thing I do like? The absurd, period-appropriate (I assume), names. Leviticus Cornwall will be the name of my first born and none of you can stop me.

@GoldenJoel That’s the point of that movie isn’t it? That all those guys sucked?


Pretty much. It challenges the notion of James’ mythology. I love the film, but I hate Jesse James. Southern Loyalist piece of shit.


Question for anyone who might know: I still have the starting horse and he’s a good lad and everything but I’m wondering if I should start looking for another, better breed or if it’s worth it to build up my bond with my current one and increase his stats. Is there like a mission coming up that talks about this in detail because they really don’t say a whole lot about proper horse-raising procedure and all that. Does he start to resent me if pet him and feed him oatcakes relentlessly because he’s really gonna hate me soon


A recent video I saw said that it’s fine to stick with your boy for now. Apparently, there are more expensive breeds further down the line in the game to invest in.

I know Polygon has gotten a lot of shit here from how they’ve been pretty cowardly in covering the crunch in Rockstar, but it was from this vid: