[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


Don’t worry too much about the Legendary Pelt, if you don’t sell them to the trappers or Pearson they automatically go to him so that you can craft with them


Had this exact thing happen to me, wild.


I started playing yesterday. I’m in Chapter 2 just as the game starts to open up. Overall I’ve really enjoying it, especially all the emergent stuff you come across. A guy was seeing to his horse’s shoes, I called out to greet him, the guy said he was fine and then the horse bucked and killed him instantly. I was really taken back by the suddeness of it all. I looted the body anyway but then another person saw me and thought I had murdered him. He then started to run to town, but I blasted him. All I was trying to do was ask the guy if he needed a hand…

In regards to the committment to the long drawn out animations, most annoying thing I’ve come up against is when I’ve killed an animal and stow him to my horse. Hold square to do it, but sometimes it doesn’t work properly and I’m just walking around with this animal carcass. Feels a little clunky. Overall, I do appreciate how they are committed to slowing down the pace of the game, when so many other games are about instant gratification.

Graphically the game is amazing, I got stuck in a thunderstorm last night over the rolling plains. Like the Witcher 3 the whole world is just brought to life by the wind. I like some of the missions, I did one where I went drinking with Lenny and it was just… hilarious. I did another where I had to collect debt money from a Polish dude who couldn’t speak English. My character doesn’t understand him but if you have subtitles turned on, his speech is translated. Which was kind of interesting. I went through his house looting the place, noticed he was standing in the way of a cabinet and pushed him away and found a gold wedding ring, clearly something he didn’t want to part with. I then went to his stable and took his horse, a hungarian halfbreed, as I galloped away he ran out of the house begging me not to steal his horse. Felt like a real dick… The way in which everything you do does change the game is incredible.


Heh, was your gun out when you talked to these people?


I have had such mixed feelings about my time with the game. Like, I’ve come to appreciate the commitment to slowing down the pace of the game, and have gotten used to the controls to the point that I don’t feel like I’m fighting them as much anymore. While I could do with shorter animations for looting stuff, I think overall, the game does a great job making it feel like I am in a real place, and am just a small piece of that place. It’s a beautiful world to get lost in, and the game encourages you to take your time and soak it in. The slow pace, the beautiful environment, the stranger missions that really feel emergent, even if they actually are highly scripted, it all just works for me. For example, I encountered a guy who was about to fall off his horse, badly wounded out in the swamp area close to Saint Denis. I picked him up, put him on my horse, and was tasked with taking him to the doctor in Saint Denis. It was getting to evening, fog was rolling in, and I could barely see. I honestly felt stressed, really hoping I’d get him there in time, as it seemed like he was fading fast. And then I arrived in Saint Denis for the first time…and I did not expect that it would be a legit city. It was such a wild departure from so much of the other game that it just blew me away. It really felt like this real, lived-in place, with people bustling around everywhere.

But as much as it has nailed so much in some areas of the game, there is still a mean-heartedness to it that I’m having difficulty getting past. Mainly, when you start being tasked with collecting debts. I come across a man who does not speak English, clearly does not have any money to give, and the game makes me beat him up. You just can’t continue without doing that. And Arthur doesn’t have any issue with it. He actually seems to kinda enjoy it. And then you start looting the place to collect the debt. Taking earrings from a wardrobe as the man is wimpering and pleading with you not to take them. They were probably a family heirloom, all he has. And I’m just taking it because someone in my gang is a piece of shit loan shark, and I have to collect for him. There’s no option when I get back to beat the crap out of the loan shark for being utter garbage. I just put the looted items in the camp lockbox, and that’s all there is to it. I’m just struggling to see how I’m supposed to empathize at all with the player character, and it’s really marring the experience.


I think the next step in this kind of game has to be “not being a shitty criminal.” Rockstar makes these dope worlds, and in this case one that is nice to be in and isn’t full to bursting with cynical assholes, but you’re still a criminal preying on these towns and these people. I think they should get out of the crime genre. I don’t know how this story ends specifically but they’ve been doing crime stories in different incarnations for, I dunno… like probably 15 or 20 years now? What if they made a city like in a GTA and it wasn’t just GTA? What if they made a game like Watch Dogs 2, except you actually were just a hacker and were rarely even in a situation that could possibly merit a gun?

Can we think of different ways to be a person in these games besides being a criminal that still has action and adventure and drama? What if you were like a professional horse racer or something? Or someone who isn’t an out and out murderer but maybe at least is on the edges of the law, or a troublemaker, like (minor spoiler?) the weird magician man?


I agree, I was annoyed that I had to go through the debt collecting mission extorting money from these people, but I never actually hit anybody, just continued threatening them until they gave up what they had. Whilst that’s not perfect, I felt it was better than violence. The game does so well opening up options to complete objectives, that it was a shame this mission seemed so one way


If you look at the journal, you can see that Arthur is very conflicted with himself being a debt collector as well. I think these string of missions are leading to something. Part of him acting that way was is an act I think.

I really dig the journal. I like that Arthur is a bit of a shitty artist, compared to someone like Nathan Drake in Uncharted, and that he misspells stuff.


I tried only threatening! But the tutorial tip on the upper left corner kept saying ‘press B to beat him’, and I wasn’t making progress with only threats, so I assumed I had to mix some punches in. I should have just kept going with the threats, because I’ll agree, that seems like a mildly less shitty way to go about the situation.


I need to do a better job of reading the journal regularly. I really do hope the game goes somewhere with this. I mean, it does feel like they’re planting seeds, with the game establishing from the get go that everyone in the gang says that they’re ‘different’, not like the other gangs that kill without cause. But Dutch allegedly killed a woman in Blackwater that he didn’t need to (haven’t gotten far enough to find out what actually went down there), they all gleefully torture the gang member they captured, and that gang member even says that we’re no different from his former gang. Everyone seems to be deluded into thinking that Dutch’s gang are these noble outlaws, when there’s nothing noble about what they’re doing at all.


I think that’s part of the inner conflict about why the gang fell apart. They all had these ideals of being robin hood characters, but they’re realizing it’s all for naught.

I wish Micah wasn’t such a piece of shit. I’m fine with an evil character, but shit… That is ALL he is. There’s no depth to him at all.


I’m at a point where one of my only remaining story missions is a ‘Micah’ mission…I’ve been putting it off as long as possible, but now I guess I’m gonna have to do it…should have left him to hang in the last mission I had with him (I so wish that it was actually an option, but nope, we have to shoot up an entire town instead).


Yeah I pushed through with it and it paid off, but even then I didn’t want to be in that situation at all. I’d have been happy to pay off their debts or just not do the mission


I found a Native Reservation last night. It may be connected to a future mission, but I thought it was a town with how it had a ‘no weapons allowed here’ status around it. It’s in the top right corner of the map. I walked around and talked to some people, and Arthur just walks up to people and goes, ‘HOWDY PARDNER!’


The Native Americans all basically have the same, “What are you doing here? Please fuck off,” Response. Which feels appropriate.

It’s weird… Like, Arthur doesn’t get why these people hate him and what he represents. At one point I walk up to two women, and Arthur goes, “How YOU ladies doin’? ;)” In a flirty manner??? And they act all defensive and scared, AS THEY SHOULD, but Arthur, wtf are you doing?

It’s incredibly tragic and depressing, but also… Uh, this is a weird thing to put in a cowby shootin’ video game, my dudes. Basically having your character wander around an internment camp going HOWDY YA’LL is really weird.


I stumbled into the reservation by accident, and was so confused until I looked at the map. It’s also one of the only times (so far) this game made me say “huh, this is uh… small?” I hope it shows up in the narrative or something, and it’s not just… there… for reasons.


It has the same mechanical ruleset as the camp does, sooo… Take that for what it is.


The journal is really quite good so far. I like that Arthur feels conflicted about the whole thing, and the journal overall feels pretty authentic.


sigh, here’s hoping Sean isn’t EXACTLY the kind of character he seems like.


Oh, you mean a blatant metaphor for how much the English Housers hate the Irish?

Yeah, that is very much what they’re doing.


Just helped a working girl dispose of the body of a guy she killed because he was beating her. Honor points either way would probably have been in poor taste, but I’m glad I’m not getting “bad guy points” for it.