[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


I’m in Chapter 4 at the moment. Just got to the “The Ties That Bind Us” mission and had to pause and take a walk after the characters introduced themselves with their convenient surnames. Other than that a lot of the stranger missions in Saint Denis have been classic Rockstar in some of the worst possible ways. The character dialogue in the riverboat mission felt more lived in than usual, but really I don’t think I could count on one hand the missions I’ve enjoyed in this chapter - and I’m almost finished with it, I think.


I was in this real nice saloon in Rhodes and saw a couple raiders and decided, oh, yeah, you know what, guess we are having a barfight first thing in the morning!


I just watched the vaudeville show.

Do that. Volunteer.

I never liked the GTA IV stand up bits or fake movies, but that vaudeville show is great, and hearing Arthur lose his fucking mind at the fire lady is hilarious.


Still in chapter 2. I like Hosea, he’s got a real Jack Lemmon, Glengarry Glen Ross vibe.

There’s one side mission, where you track down buffalo poachers and beat/kill them that cynically I recognize as a typical one note rockstar morality moment…but it felt very satisfying regardless.


Shot a guy hawking eugenics. Twenty eight times. It was a day well spent.


Hey I got a hot tip from multiple experiences: if you’re feeling like robbing a train and that train goes over a bridge, make sure your horse won’t try to follow you, because it will, absolutely, fall off the bridge and die. It’s a gigantic pain the ass.


So, apparently those workers can finish chopping those trees near Wallace Station? The symboblism was totally on the nose, but still, I felt sad to see them all gone.

Now, did that happen because I progressed far enough on the critical path, or because the workers follow an actual schedule? It’s probably the former, but the latter would be super cool.


CW: Sexual Assault

Ok so I’m pretty sure there’s an implied rape scene in the game. Just outside of Saint Denis, there’s an old guy asking for help and offers you food in his cabin. After ‘blacking out’ you’re told how you squirm good and eventually wake up elsewhere. [spoiler]This text will be blurred

EDIT: So everyone knows, the guy is named Sunny, and has a cabin just north of St Denis


Gross. This is why auter theory belongs nowhere near games right now. Too many big ego’s using shock value as a crutch.


It just didn’t feel like it fit in. It completely took me out of the game because it was so left field, the worst part is you’re given choices to leave before it happens but in choosing to stay you have al choices then removed which I guess is somewhat relevant.

At the end of the day it added nothing to the game and there was no reason to be in there other than trying to shock and make people laugh which is ridiculous.

My first instinct was to go back and slaughter those involved, but I just didn’t want to interact with those characters again and left it.

Maybe if i’m back in the area i’ll go take some of my stuff back and tie them up, but it left me sighing and I realized why I loved all the mechanics that involve close to no writing


one Dia Lacina once said like a couple days ago on twitter: Nope! Fuck this game, fuck it into the sun.

Casual-to-rabid Kojima gamerfans been getting rowdy for his shit for years after Ground Zeroes, some day people will realize this kind of shit is Really Goddamn Bad, Actually and maybe fuckin stop, or they’ll never realize and it’ll never stop, or it’ll get worse because this awful shit is an ideological hill that turds wanna die on, maybe if it gets better it’ll still just be token mentions 'cus no outlet and few people want to condemn a whole game for this heinous shit lest they erase fun™ for taking deep moral issue with the grossest most damaging shit, who knows, shit on all this, burn it all in a fuckin trashfire.


It’s so conflicting though because on the whole, the game is a pretty momentous and a stunning achievement but it’s ruined with stupid shit like this which must be down to the auters and their egos.

I’ve not felt so involved in a world and its systems since BotW and there is some good writing in RDR2. But when they fuck up, they do so the biggest ways imaginable.

A few lads laughed in the office at that scene but I don’t get what’s funny. When I asked them they didn’t have an answer either, is that who it’s for?


You might be able to.

I was approached by someone in Saint Denis offering to sell me guns down an alley. I followed, knowing it was probably a trap. It was, and he knocked me out, taking ALL of my money with him. I was pretty bummed with being robbed like that, so I was surprised to see my horse was still by the alley I was jumped in. I made my way over there and found the alley. Arthur kicks the door down, and yells, “I’m back you sons o’ ■■■■■■■!” and then you can gun them all down, and also get your hat.


Oh nice, in that case if I find myself around there I might just visit in principle, money doesn’t seem to be an issue at the minute.

Similar thing happened to me though with somebody in Valentine. Mickey, the one armed veteran who wants a hug


Has anyone played the stranger mission of the guy you find drunk by the station in Rhodes yet? I thought he was Landon Ricketts at first, but he wasn’t. I found this mission incredibly interesting. It was about some strong subject matter that I was surprised didn’t go the route of exploitive.

CW: Slavery

Basically, you get a task by this sad drunk ex-plantation owner to find his old pistol, his old pocket watch, and his ledger. All of these things are located within his foreclosed plantation house. What struck me at first was how all of the notes you read within the house were narrated by the guy, making me wish ALL the notes were narrated. But anyway, you’re exploring this house, looking at pictures of this guy’s family, letters written to him, etc. You’re definitely meant to sympathize with this man at first. You eventually find the gun in the hands of two knife wielding squatters which I kind of wish weren’t there, but it was a quest driven by letters and visual story telling, so eh… I guess we need some murder to break up the reading? Anyway, you find one letter that basically goes, “We can’t really have you working for us anymore with what we know about you. Sorry.” Curious…

Then, you make your way down into the basement. On the bannisters of the basement are a bunch of chains, and on the cabinets next to them are all manner of whips and gear. I think it is implied that this guy relished in his role as a slaver, and perhaps carried on well past the war’s end. Arthur just mutters, “Jesus…” As he looks around the room, eventually finding the ledger. Inside the ledger, of course, is a bill of sale list of slaves. They’re sold as cheap as 10 dollars… You make your way back to the guy, and Arthur confronts the man, tossing each of his items into the campfire in front of him. He then falls over weeping in front of you, and I made the extra choice of shooting the POS in the head, causing him to fall in the fire and erupt in flames. It was really satisfying to murder the shit out of that slaver.

So, I really liked the quest because it conveyed the horrors of slavery without showing anything too exploitive. The horror was basically slaves being sold for 10-15 dollars, and how human beings were catalogued in a ledger like any kind of commodity. I also liked Arthur’s stance towards this. He basically drops the whole centrist attitude he’s had all game, at least to me, and says, “No, fuck this.” It felt really subdued for Dan Houser’s usual OVER THE HEAD writing.

My read could be wrong though. What did you guys think?


I’m playing Arthur as an absolutely vile bastard in my playthrough so far. Trying to get my morality meter thing all the way to pure evil, so I’m pretty much killing and looting anyone who I get the chance to that I come across in the wilderness. I’ve murdered entirely too many horses too, once I learned you can loot the saddlebags.

Doesn’t really matter either way, because I’ve already committed to going full dark side, but I do wish the morality system was more like KOTOR and gave me more incentives for being bad, besides just getting more money from all the people I’ve been robbing and killing. Maybe this is kinda the point, but the game seems to want you to play at least somewhat honorable. Most of the stranger missions I’ve encountered involve helping people, which raises your honor. I wish there was a way I could engage with those missions that gave me more options to be evil besides just robbing and/or killing the strangers.


I just pulled my gun on him and scared the shit out of him. Didn’t want a bounty with the 15 bucks I had in my pocket.


It’s just so egregious to me because this game feels better than that. More than any Rockstar game before it, it feels better than these gross adolescent “comedy bits” (Seriously where is the punch line?) that are in there because the Houser’s don’t use an ACTUAL WRITING ROOM WHERE YOU BOUNCE IDEAS OFF EACH OTHER?!

I recently did the mission where you help Lenny steal guns from Lemoyne Raiders and the way that Arthur reacts to his very real fears of being black man in the antebellum south felt genuine and empathetic. Why do they have to throw a wrench in that with stupid bullshit?


I haven’t played through that mission yet, but to be honest, I don’t know that I see Arthur as “le enlightened centrist” type, at least not as much as to prevent him from displaying legitimate compassion. He’s depressed, world weary, and a bit of a dick sometimes, but I’ve found him surprsingly free of mean-spirited snark for people who don’t deserve it.

Like, he never gives the suffragette’s shit for simply wanting to vote and, again, when Lenny points out that he WOULDN’T notice the ways in which the people of Lemoyne treat black Americans with disdain, he takes it to heart and is apologetic for showing his ass. Idk, maybe we just read him differently


Hey. I played it just around a couple o hours at my friends and I was like “just a game”. But, my God, it was so atmospheric.
Now I even considering to buy a PS4 to play it at home.