[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


Y’all ever wish there was a way to get dirty whenever you want to? When I see that beautiful mud I want to throw Arthur in it, just let him roll around, scoot his face in the mud. Let me be muddy!


When you’re aiming a gun, you can do a Max Payne dive kinda. Just aim your gun like you’re about to shoot, then press the jump button in the direction of the sweet, good mud.


What happens if you jump off a low roof into the mud?


Oh boy, I didn’t know you could do that. Mud, here I come!

I also appreciate when trying to get on the horse when it’s a little spooked so you just fall on your ass. The weight of your body whenever you fall or crash or get knocked down is nice in this game.


I am always paranoid Arthur will get kicked.

You can also jump from a roof unto your horse, like in RDR1.


I think Austin covered it in the podcast but the mission with Black Belle is amazing for mud, the way the enemies sink into it, your boots getting stuck in it, the sound.


Chapter 4 spoilers: Wow, Rockstar. Having Dutch drunkenly rant about fleeing to Tahiti or Australia, claiming they’re “unspoiled country?” If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to SAY something. Too bad I’m too stupid to pick up on it.

I guess this is the act where they really lean into the “”"“freedom”""" thing?


I have probably spent more time watching YouTube videos on how to play the game than actually playing it. This game is completely inscrutable. I’m still not sure I totally understand how Dead Eye works.


I just played the stranger mission series where you get in a fight with a mentally handicapped man who is VEEEERY bad, and then chase a little person through the woods as he teleports using magic.

No, I’m not shitting you.

I am pulling my hair out going between nuanced stranger missions, like Arthur exploring the foreclosed house, and this fucking offensive garbage that is on par with GTA 3 level writing.


That one was weird, a potentially good tale made bad by how underdeveloped it was. The actual stories of performers in “oddity/freak shows” are varied and often interesting, differently abled people using the stage to assert humanity otherwise denied to them. So, I was hoping to spend more time with that crew, but nope, it’s just one goofy mission followed by a hacky performance.

Disappointing to say the least.


Done! Just ordered PS4 Pro with the RDR 2 copy. Waiting to unpack.:sunglasses:


Oh man, I played both those missions this weekend. The bit when your chasing him through the woods towards the cloloured gas clouds. Is he in this one? No. Is he in this one? No. Well I guess he must be in this one… oh no I was double bluffed he’s running deeper into the woods.

Game of the generation apparently.


So I recently replayed Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern and OOF. Just as a well crafted piece of spectacle, it gives me chills, but it was enacting wrathful, well, “justice” probably isn’t the right word because it’s not like Mrs. Braithwaite had no reason to be angry, but justice nonetheless on this absolutely horrid family and turning their entire legacy to ash was what made it feel GREAT


Has anyone done the side mission “The Iniquities of History” yet? I think so far it has been my favorite in how short and perfect it is. Arthur meets a man on a bench somewhere near Rhodes I believe. The man needs help getting stuff from his house back because it was repossessed by the government. You have to find three items; a pocketwatch, a gun, and a ledger. While you’re there some guys try to kill you with that dude’s gun but it doesn’t work so you kill them. But once you find the ledger and you read it you realize it’s a list of slaves. This dude you’re doing a favor for was a slave trader. Once you pocket that Arthur says something like “I came here for this crap?”

Once you get back to the guy you basically tell him off and he also tries to kill you with his shit gun. Then he goes on a big diatribe about how they took away his livelihood and what he was best at in life, to which Arthur responds with something like “Some jobs are best left in the past.” Needless to say, I shot him in the head and he fell over into his own campfire and burned up. It was pretty damn cool, but the game ended with you burning his ledger and him crying over it. Killing him was not a part of the stranger mission.

That’s been one of my favorite stranger missions so far!


Help me out, I feel like I missed something completely in chapter 3. It felt super rushed, and while that mission was heavy just because of what’s happening in it, the conflict between the families and especially the story of Beau and the girl he likes feels like it’s totallly unresolved. I can’t even remember that character’s name because what happens with them never resolved?? What did the Braithwate matriarch do that for you made this mission have some kind of catharsis? I feel like I might have completely missed something important.

Edit (don’t usually do this but feels necessary?): okay I remember the thing she does to the gang but is there anything else? Does the story with the two families get resolved… ever? Or are we just left hanging with them?


No, you’re right, the story with the two kids didn’t really get resolved? I think the implication is that they were going to run away, but instead of asking Arthur for help, the last we see of Beau is the suffragette rally where two of his cousins are clearly staring him down menacingly. I think I just liked seeing a symbol of the antebellum south burn to the ground and seeing that horrible bourgeois woman lose everything. Also maybe Jack triggers a “mama bear” instinct in me.

Aaaaaaand I just finished “The Mercies of Knowledge” which is absolutely the worst Stranger mission so far. Overlong, unfunny in a really cruel way and I didn’t even get paid for it. It’s possible that the whole point was “Man, capital punishment sure is evil”, but there was probably a better way to say that.


A ton of the side quests feel really just … icky? I guess? I’ve been trying to do pretty much any circle that shows up on the map to be thorough I suppose.
For example, has anyone else done the line that starts with stealing a wagon of moonshine for a wacky inventor? I’ll just summarize the chain here, uh I’ll probably be graphic:

Turns out the guy needs the moonshine as fuel to power his new fabulous invention: a tool for humane execution of criminals through the magic of electricity! In addition to procuring all the fuel to run his generator, he also wants you to bride the chief of police to get a permit to try out this this marvel of science in a public spectacle (no need to maybe electrocute a pig or some shit first, wacky inventor is really confidant in his new painless method of state sanctioned murder). With that greased palm, now all we’re lacking is our star attraction. So Arthur grabs a handy wanted poster and wanders out into the wilderness to hunt down some guy who like stole something, or maybe a robbery went south, I don’t recall the details of this dude’s crimes. After you hog-tie him and throw him on the back of your horse, Arthur gloats about the news that this lucky duck isn’t going to no mere jail, he’s going to be on the frontier of scientific discovery! The very long ride back to the city is punctuated with the blubbering and sobbing of the man who knows we’re about to pump him full of amperage. With the stage set in a public square the event kicks off with too little juice so the prisoner just screams in agony and then begs for a bullet to the head while he smokes and “scientist” guy electrocutes himself to an instant painless death on a short circuit.

At every step Arthur’s attitude was a half-shrugging “well all right pardner, better mosey on down and run that errand for you” as if he was asked to go fetch a wheel of cheese. It was bad. Now that I’ve written it all out I may have undersold with “icky,” it was really really fucking gross. The very very long horse ride and final cinematic were just awful, like totally taking delight in this guy’s emotional distress and then slow agonizing death. I mean yeah the theme “electric chair bad” is pretty clear. But there are a million ways to cover that. The fact that the scientist gets this instantaneous painless death while the guy you psychologically tortured for a ten minute horse ride just screams is maybe the shit icing on the whole experience.

Edit: beat me to it trty0


There is more to the story but down the line in some late-game stuff


I’m still stewing in it and, like, as a representation of capital punishment as a concept, it checks but, I don’t know, it just felt really inelegant.


This mission, having gotten to it right after the “freaks” mission were a real nail in the coffin for me. Just a fat load of shit that really can’t be explained around.