[Possible Story Discussion] Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions


Wow, ok… Just got to chapter six.

Man, I LOVE how absolutely on edge everyone is at the camp. Everyone is screaming at each other, Dutch is speaking to to gather everyone over and no one is listening, Bill is spitting venom at me, Susan and Karen are screaming at each other, Pearson is just weeping on a rock. Everything feels suuuuper fucked, and the tension is sky high. It’s palpable, and I didn’t expect to get this anxious about it.


Everything since the end of chapter 4 has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, I can barely handle it. I always knew this was coming, but it’s shockingly difficult to watch unfold in real time.

I’m trying really hard to not fall into the GTA V trap where the spectacle prevented me from seeing how bad that game is for like two years, but I gotta admit, this game is giving me FEELINGS


I’ve been hesitant to talk about this game recently given the bizarre and troubling inclusion of that assault scene mentioned further up in the thread, and a few other assorted missions/encounters I found to be in poor taste, but I’m still playing the hell out of this and trying to be mindful of those things while also admittedly enjoying the whole experience quite a lot still.

No spoilers here, just really wanted to say that I’m most of the way through chapter 6 at this point and had to jump in here to express how absolutely heartbreaking and poignant this section of the game is. It is by far the best chapter so far. Tense, with a good variety of story missions, reflective moments, emotionally devastating scenes. Some of the side quests that pop up around this point in the game are so quiet and captivating and I’m just enjoying it a ton, in stark contrast to chapter 5, which I think is a bit of a mess for the most part. I’m so excited/scared/anxious to see how this all ends.



Three things: two about my stay on the island of Guarma and one just general thing.

  1. Jesus motherfucking Christ, I hate Micah Bell. After his comments on Hosea and Lenny’s death, I wanted to shoot him in the gut and leave him to bleed out. Everything about this disgusting worm of a man infuriates me. Which wouldn’t be an issue at all if I just had a better sense of why he’s driven to be relentlessly awful. We know he’s dealing with grief of his own because his only living relative, that we know of, has cut off all contact, but apart from some “weak are meat, which the strong do eat” rambling around the campfire, I have little sense of what keeps him going. Is the point of him that Dutch was always kind of insane and just wanted a sycophant? I don’t know, this game is depressing.

  2. Sooooo, what was Guarma supposed to be about exactly? Was it a commentary on colonialism? Because it was pretty scattershot. It felt more interested in showing these horrors than actually saying anything about them and I felt that centering Dutch’s further deterioration was maybe in poor taste.

3.I think this is the first time I’ve ever played a game with the mentality of “Okay, I’m fucking dying. I better put my affairs in order.” It’s making me take things slower, be more considerate in my interactions, it’s great. Apart from the whole dying thing that is. I’m curious, what’s the first thing ya’ll did when you found out the news? I got a haircut.


That chapter felt very weird.

If I didn’t know any better, I feel like that Revolutionary character is being primed for a possible DLC lead. Which would be really cool. I remember thinking Johnny Klebitz would be a good DLC character in GTA IV, and I turned out to call it. A RDR2 DLC set on some islands, about overthrowing a dictatorship would be fucking rad.

Where did you see that about Micah? I don’t remember that at all.


Sorry, I accidentally posted before I finished typing. When you regain control of Arthur you can talk to Micah about their deaths at which point he’ll say that Hosea was already dying and something about Lenny being soft, I don’t remember exactly.


No, I mean about Micah’s backstory.


There’s a letter in camp where, I think, his brother tells him to never, ever, write to him again.


Ah, gotcha.

See, I want Micah to be something more, but it seems like from the beginning they wrote him to be a bastard. Redemption stories about venomous people are some of my favorite tropes in fiction, and I can see how bland and lacking in depth Micah is going to continue to be.

Conflicting characters are more interesting than just plain ol’ bad.


how the fuck do you wash this boy and his filthy clothes


You gotta go have a bath, there’s always a spot in town. I think you can also just go swimming.


wait so do clothes also get dirty, or just arthur’s strong body?


Mud and blood will become faded, but unless you come in contact with water, your clothes will be dirty


thanks! last question re: rinsing off my muscular game doll: who do you talk to to rent a room at these saloon places with rooms upstairs? I tried talking to the bartender but I didn’t see an option. am I at the wrong place?


It depends where you are. Valentine has a hotel, Saint Denis has a saloon with lodging services and in Annesburg you talk to the gunsmith who’s basically the only merchant. If you go over their icons in the map portion of the pause menu, it’ll tell you what services they provide.

And man, Arthur suuuuuure is a S N A C K, isn’t he?


okay here’s another thing. I am working my way through the game, and I am letting myself get distracted, but whenever I return to the story missions they are still trying to teach me some extremely basic shit. I’m like 10 hours in and I just got the ledger for the camp. Does anyone know at what point in the game it stops introducing the core stuff? A specific mission, a chapter, etc?


I’m trying to remember…

I’m pretty sure that by the time I was nearly finished with chapter 2, the tutorials had stopped. Fishing is one of the last things introduced, if I remember right.


thanks!! you’ve been very helpful.


Marking as a spoiler because it makes no sense if you haven’t gotten into most of chapter 5 I’m probably gonna go get my flu shot? I got pneumonia a few years ago.


One thing that is really leagues above the first game are the Stranger missions and encounters. I didn’t complete another play-through of the first game (got about half way through Mexico) but I noticed that a lot of Stranger missions in that game viewed those characters in an unsympathetic light. Often they’re pitiable characters or ones we’re supposed to look down upon. Almost all of those stories often end in something horrible befalling them. It’s all very cynical and nihilistic.

I’ve seen arguments being made that “of course it’s going to go wrong, you’re a guy with a gun solving problems with a gun or doing the barest minimum to help.” While that is a valid point, the game doesn’t offer you any choice in the matter. Once you do the thing, that’s it. You can’t offer any more help. It loses it’s point when you’re not given the choice to help further then the game turns around and finger-waggles you for not doing more to help.

But in this game, you can. All the strangers, for the most part, are often written and reacted better to (assuming you’re not being a prick). They’re all written in a sort of more sympathetic light and you can offer to do more to help them than giving them a health tonic and riding off.