Post-apocalyptic Harvest Moon: the State of Decay 2 thread

I loved the first State of Decay so, so much, flaws and all, so SoD2 was a must-have since announce. I may have upgraded to an Xbox One X pretty much just for this game (quick aside, Red Dead Redemption looks phenomenal on it).

I got my first town going last night. Was doing pretty well. Found a vehicle. Came across a salvager who needed help dealing with a couple thieves. Drove to the house. He went quick, but I was able to kite some zeds towards the house to weaken the thieves and take them out. Jackpot! The house was full of rucksacks.

I started loading the rucksacks into the trunk of the car, but I had already filled it with junk. I needed to clear out some of my inventory so I could clear out the trunk and load it up. So I hit the ‘drop’ button on a Molotov in my inventory.

Except I didn’t hit ‘drop,’ I hit ‘use.’ I threw the Molotov directly at the back of the car, setting it and myself on fire. The car blew up, killing me and destroying the car and everything in it.

So, yup. Still State of Decay.

Let’s hear your tales of triumph and woe!


Don’t let a Juggernaught grab you. The result is… unpleasant.

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Having a lot of fun with this game. One of my first interstersting stories that I think says a lot about this game happened on my second plague heart run. I took the tutorial characters, the army person and doctor person, and I was controlling the army person. We still hadn’t developed a good strategy for dealing with the plague hearts, but O’Connor, aka army person, was dead set on taking these hearts out. As o’connor finally destroyed the heart, it turned out her friend the doctor was dealing with a feral, and it wasn’t going well. She didn’t make it in time to save him.

I legitimately can’t remember the doc’s name, it was like Miller but it wasn’t Miller. He had such a wild personality though. He had an impulsive streak that found him driving a sports car through zombies and trying to clear houses alone. It might have been what killed him, too. His sports car, The Maximillian, lives on, though, and it’s been tricked out by Antoine the mechanic to crush zombies with ease.

We’ve taken out more than a few fair plague hearts at this point. There hasn’t been a casualty since. Hell, there’s not been many wounded either. We figured out a way to take them out quick and dirty; we’re not gonna lose anyone else if we can help it.

Anyway this game is good and right after Miller the doctor died the UI bugged out and I couldn’t bring up the map and I got stuck in a search animation so I had to restart the game. I still love it though.

I’m really trying to give this game a chance but jeez, it keeps making me feel like it’s bad!
The combat is passable, I guess, but good lord this is some incredibly thin procgen. My starting survivors were a an on and off again lesbian couple, but past the tutorial that’s never been brought up again, and now one of them has some Personal Quest about finding an “ancestral mace” that her son got her at a ren faire, while the other has quipped about “wanting to have a real family again”, and this all feels like this system is just really bare bones.

Also, one of my survivors is threatening to leave if I don’t go find some more bricks for her. Bricks.

Is the first one worth going back to if I enjoyed the stream on Monday? I never played it, but don’t have an xbox one or a PC that can run 2.

Also, which version is best for the first one: 360 or PC? And does either of the DLC change anything on the first playthrough or they more post-game/“new game+” stuff.

My #1 suggestion is to back out and re-roll a fresh trio of characters (skip the tutorial). Playing with one of the duos is great for your first few hours, but you can’t help but expect their personal story to continue. By starting with the random trio, you pretty much absolve yourself of that expectation and can have fun filling in the gaps yourself.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I hadn’t considered restarting yet but in hindsight I guess accidentally jumping all of my characters off of billboards and breaking their legs probably messes with the early game a bit lol, so it’ll be good to see what it’s like without that.

Im in love with this game, just like the first one. I have a dude who has survived a plane crash but quite early on he got pretty badly injured and was out on the sidelines a long time. But now, he just charges full steam ahead into all situations, it’s almost like he thinks he is untouchable.

Yesterday, I was driving with him to go trade some meds from a neutral enclave, but as I arrived they were being seiged by zeds and 2 of the 3 were downed… I found myself sitting in my car watching from a safe distance waiting to see if the zeds would finish the last member of the group off because it meant I would get free supplies.

Since then I havent found myself selecting that character to play as, and coincidentely he keeps picking fights bak at base. In my head cannon he is massively guilty and one day, he’ll try redeem himself for his own good and possibly find out he isn’t so untouchable.

Weird question but important as a new parent: Can you pause when playing in single player?

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Yes you can, go into settings then play offline (I think it defaults to online). Then it completely pauses when you hit start


Perfect, thanks :slight_smile: Will be picking this up.

So far I haven’t run into many tense situations yet, but I’m enjoying building up my crew – a bunch of lady fighters, plus doctor guy and shooting guy.

They’re all builder or sheriff archetypes, except my initial lady (Precious) who is a warlord, and who I’m hoping to be my eventual leader (since a warlord named Precious is too good to pass up). Unfortunately she’s not great at navigating ladders, and has been sitting out since day one, recovering from multiple broken bones.

I expect my first big challenge will be managing food, since I’ve been accepting almost every survivor I’ve encountered. Other than one guy who put all his character points into computers, who I left to fend for himself – sorry dude, but no one needs your Javascript skills in a zombie apocalypse.


I didn’t understand how to assign a leader until five minutes ago watching Austin’s stream, and boy do I feel silly.

Last night I moved my crew into a Church on a hill, and the first thing that happens is a booooooatload of zombies attack us. It was HARROWING. Everyone was injured, two of us had the blood plague. I was relieved no one died. I think the ferocity of the attack may have had to do with there being a plague heart practically on our doorstep. I promptly got rid of it.

Things have been pretty smooth otherwise? My crew is leveling up consistently, and it’s fun to pick some groups to help. One of my starters, Kylie, helped this woman Sammi out in order to trade books with her. We’ve also made friends with moonshiners, who will drop off care packages of booze and food, which is super useful.

All in all, I think the procgen storytelling can be pretty cool. I’ve been getting pretty invested in ny base and my characters, and there haven’t been enough bugs to kill it for me. I wish that characters would occupy and use towers, but that’s a known bug at least? Right now zombies charge through the church gates and just through the windows at regular intervals, which is… not ideal.


I’ve had villagers(?) tell me we’d be better off with a leader, but I assume I don’t have anyone high enough yet? I’m thinking of following Austin’s advice and re-rolling a new crew anyway.

SoD 1’s progression was basically: Church -> Medium-sized spot (House or restaurant) -> Large spot (Distribution Center or Farmhouse). Does anyone know if this is similar? Do we know if the 3 starting choices are 3 separate maps or just different parts of one big map?

It’s 3 separate maps. All with different bases. The progression can be similar but I feel like there’s a more varied set of bases? Though usually at least one big awesome base you may want to work towards.

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I’ve found the key to dealing with individual zombies: dodge so you clip right through them, and then turn around and execute them. It’s quick, quiet, and doesn’t wear down your main weapon. Plus, it gives a ton of fighting experience that even applies to all fighting specialties. Any new survivor I take out has at least specialized their fighting skill by the time I get them back. If you’ve got a character who is specialized in CQC, this is even viable in horde situations because the animation is so fast. I think I want to still equip them with a blunt weapon though, just in case things get really hairy.

I also found out that the Analytical Minds hero bonus is extremely powerful. 50% bonus XP meant my group was leveling up left and right.


I’m not sure the gameplay loop is going to hold me for longer than my game pass trial allows, but the game has certainly had its moments. My first plague heart went pretty smoothly with decoy items and explosives, so I packed similarly for the second. But when I walked into the tiny single-entrance room with the heart inside my dear companion Naga Viper, for whatever reason, started shooting it immediately. I panicked and couldn’t sort through my items quickly enough to get what I wanted before the zombies swarmed me, leaving me no choice but to gun them all down. I got a little roughed up, but I made it through ok, and Naga Viper was somehow totally unharmed. I took her as the lead on the next heart, since she clearly knows when to start the engagment…

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I picked up on that melee method, too, but I’m kind of conflicted about it. On the one hand, it feels kind of cheap. On the other hand, if I was in a zombie apocalypse and found a method for killing zombies with 100% effectiveness, you’d be damn sure I would do it every single time.

As it is, I’ve been kind of keeping it in my back pocket for emergencies. Like, say, coming up on a horde and a feral at the same time. I basically ping-ponged through the horde, taking advantage of the brief invulnerability as you perform the execution, then held the feral at bay until I was able to get back to base.

By the time I got there, I literally couldn’t take a single swing without getting fatigued, but the rest of my group finished it off. (They laugh mockingly at approaching hordes now, which seems an unnecessary tempting of the fates.)


I’ve been using it too. I don’t think it’s cheap, the zombies can easily break out of the hold by asking my follower to kick them. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been having a lot of trouble pulling it off recently because a bunch of my survivors specialized their Cardio into Acrobatics, which I thought only made dodging use less stamina, which is great for this fighting style. Unfortunately it also effectively doubles the range of the dodge roll, which now puts me way out of range to do executions unless I compensate.

And yeah, I can see some people labeling it as cheap. However, the invincibility frames don’t cover the entire execution, and if you’re doing it while actually being attacked by a horde (as opposed to just rolling around for opportunities) there’s a good chance that you’ll be stunned out of the execution move. It’s a powerful technique, but it’s not infallible. Plus if I’m using it, I’m never stealth killing zombies and leveling Wits, which is annoying.