Post some of that good good music

i love this song

this one too

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this has been popping up in my head a lot recently


the latest jams

Hot off the presses.


one of my faves

My Recent Jams

Read up on the “Sleng Teng Riddim”, pretty fascinating.


Finally getting into GAS and this new release is fantastic in every way possible!

com truise rules, he’s been in my rotation since I found him a few years ago. also nice to see pwr bttm here. currently I’ve been listening to these three songs in repeat basically:

@Toasted MY DUDE

Just gonna share this man with you all. Tofubeats is very special.


a giant dog isn’t just good good music, it’s the BEST good music

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i think about this at least once every 3 hours of my waking life

I love this song so much.

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My entire life right now is Thundercat’s Drunk, which is a wildly good album, but this performance of this tune, in particular, is getting played multiple times a day:

Daptone 4 lyfe

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not Daptone, but Daptone adjacent (Michels is part of the Mighty Imperials)

I love this thread already.


I only learned a couple of weeks ago that we lost Charles Bradley in September 2017, I’ve been listening to his last album a few times since then.

His performance of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” never fails to floor me.