Post Songs That Make You Chaste


Bein’ horny is great, but sometimes you need to COOL. YOUR. JETS.

Here’s my pick, one time I was with my girlfriend and this song came up on shuffle, narrowly averting a critical smooch situation:

Don't post any songs


ughhhh when these vocals hit



And honestly, I have no idea if this (or any other Neil Cicierega song for that matter) makes me never want to have sex again or makes me want to have sex for every second of the rest of my life.




Weird apocalyptic folk music, the most based of chaste music:


this should really be in the other thread, IMO


a song that will immediately stop the coming (give it 30s)



Late night waypoint is fucking wild


The true chaste song.


Again, hard to tell whether this belongs here or in the horny thread:


Depends on what kind of horny you’re goin’ for honestly.


Probably the most chaste song about a penis.


i wave goodbye to my fuck as it drifts into the middle distance ablaze


Just not hot. I also considered the Cha-Cha Slide but “violently angry” isn’t really the same as “Chaste”.


Centuries from now, this will be viewed as the most important thread of our time.