Post your animelists here!


If you have a Anilist , Kitsu or Anime Planet you’d like to share post em here!

My anilist


Kitsu: Bribri

I’ve recently ported my mal into Kitsu and am trying it out! I generally end up watching 2/3 shows a season and just plunder the anime archives for the good old retro stuff.

A recent highlight, was watching the original Gundam; it held up a lot better than I thought :slight_smile:

Just finished Rakugo, which wrecked me, and am digging Atom so far!


JordanXjordan on MAL


Here’s anime.

I keep up with airing stuff mostly, though I basically just watch whatever.

I can second digging Atom.


tohajuuko on MAL


Zeemod155 on MAL


Raidanzoup @ MAL



This is what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna actually update it for once…


pcdateixeira @ MAL

I didn’t know about Kitsu until now; looks prettier but I miss the shameful “10d watched” stat.


here’s my kitsu. tho it’s probably out of date :frowning:


Here’s my anilist


MAL really needs to be updated, but it is kaydotkey



Ended up moving over from MAL after their whole nazi kerfuffle to Kitsu because that’s where some of my friends went. Don’t really watch as much anime as I used to, but recently a friend convinced me to watch a bunch of old fighting game adaptations with him, so there’s that at least.


I tried moving to kitsu, but the import function seems to have broken? This may be because my list is far too long, but that’s what you get when you are old and have been watching anime for many years.
Anyway, here’s my MAL.


I guess I’m a fairly casual anime fan relative to these other posts, but I like to think I have good taste. You’ll notice there aren’t a lot of recent series, as I’m more interested in going through the “classics”. Currently watching Yu Yu. Here’s the list


Oh uh hm, I guess I got one of those. Pwease no judgey for stuff I may have been watching as many as 9 years ago.



Yeah, I know, I’m using all 3 - I can’t make up my mind.
EDIT: By way of explanation - AniList has a really good notification system for telling you what’s coming up - Kitsu has a really good UI and I have friends who use that. MAL has an open enough API that it’s got people who have set stuff up for gamification of you watching anime through achievements, combined with the ability to have episode and chapter specific comment threads. The threads aren’t always good, but it’s nice to have them so you can talk to other people who are watching a show.

I particularly appreciated this when I was watching Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond, because some of the shorts got some really interesting conversations going on around them.


Please dont shame my taste i am still learning


A friend of mine was curious so I dug up my old MAL account from… a long time ago and added the stuff I’ve watched since.


Theres some stuff on there I regret wasting my time on, but hey I was young.

Also nothing is rated and there are shows I either dropped or haven’t finished on here, but I’d rather have everything I’m done with in one alphabetical list.

E: Switched over to Kitsu after @straysheep’s posts! Here


Well I suppose I’ll also throw mine up here.

I use Taiga to auto-update it, so I haven’t checked it in a while. Unlike everyone else on this thread, I DO want you to judge my taste in anime because there are some there that I can spend hours talking about. Literal hours defending, analyzing, or critiquing. I once wrote a real long post on the themes of Psycho Pass to counteract someone who was misrepresenting it so…yeah.

Anyways, I haven’t had time to watch a lot of anime recently. Video games took precendence for a little while there.