Post your animelists here!


Am I a monster for manually transcribing my anime watchlist from MAL to an Evernote titled “Watching All By Myself” (to be mentally sung to the classic Eric Carmen tune we all know and love)?



I used MAL for years but quit after their nazi shit, thankfully I had already mirrored everything on Kitsu


Please explain as I am unaware of any controversy surrounding MAL. I don’t really follow anywhere that talks anime.


One of their contributors had written an article called “10 Anime And Manga About Kicking Nazi Ass” and someone completely edited it to be gentler in tone and the article became “11 Anime and Manga Featuring Nazis”

Plus the forums/userbase there have been full of far right wing crap for years now and the admins don’t do anything about it, so that + the edit to that article and I was over that site. I still use it as a resource sometimes, but I don’t log in any more.


Oh my goodness, I had no idea. Well I probably will be transferring over to Kitsu now. Thanks for the heads up!


I have to admit, I’m new to the forum, and in seeing someone post about “nazi shit”, I had my usual initial Facebook reaction of “Oh God, please don’t tell me this person is about to stand up for Nazis in this context”… And then after reading your post I remembered where I was, and how nice it is that while I assume not everyone agrees on everything here politically, at least I can expect not to see the alt-right garbage that makes up so much of the internet now. So thank you for that lol.


May as well link this even though I constantly forget to update it/forget I even have it: Megabattimus on Anime Planet.

I like anime a whole lot but of all the things I like, it’s the one I push aside and neglect the most. The only thing more neglected is Tokusatsu and my book shelf full of books I really want to read but constantly find reasons not to start. I don’t really know why that is, cause every-time I watch anime I’m like “I should watch more of this” and then I inevitably don’t. Like I started Yu Yu Hakusho a couple of days ago and I’m really enjoying it, but I’m already bracing myself for the day I forget about it and anime in general for months on end. I hate being me sometimes.


here is the anime that i, waypoint forums user hideokojima, have watched, thank u


Been watching a lot anime recently so i’d thought i’d revive this thread if anyone wants to share their anime lists.


My MAL profile.

Open to recommendations based on my list also. I mostly enjoy comedies.