Post Your Fav Twitter Bots

The thread title kinda says it all—what’s your favourite automated posting service available on Twitter?

Personally, I’m still not totally over the “every[blank]word” posts, with @everywitchword, for obvious reasons, being my current fascination (at the time of writing, we’re so close to my username that I shiver with anticipation). @BotEquippedWith is also very good, although I’m not quite sure how it works.

What have I overlooked? What’s the next best thing in automated Twitter accounts?

3 Likes, a bot that uses a neural network to generate a name every half hour.

I use it for NPC names in tabletop games.


Man, some people are so imaginative with these bots. I follow quite a few and they never fail to make my feed brighter.

@Wit_Of_Wilde tweets the wittiest quotes of Oscar Wilde. It’s pretty circular, and more paradoxical than profound, but still: if Wilde had lived today, then would have had Twitter, and would have been more popular than dril.

@anicrossing (ac bot) is unbelievably cute and wholesome.

Every tweet of British Gardens starts with “you are in a British garden”, but it never ends as you expect. It’s often straight-up surreal. The aim is (I think?) to imitate the kind of descriptions one can find in interactive fiction.


@IceTSVU - Ice T explains the dangers of drugs
@DarkStockPhotos - the dark side of stock photos (WARNING some photos contain genuinely violent imagery, proceed with caution but it’s mostly weird goofy shit)


A Strange Voyage is one I have been following for months. I usually get tired of bots after a week or so, but this one is filled with just the right amount of existential dread.

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ROM TXT tries to find words in game roms - sometimes it’s nonsense, sometimes it’s credits, a lot of it winds up reading like weird poetry, and there’s a few “hello hacker fucker” style gems in there.

quest glitches is a bot that posts screenshots of fucked up renders of sierra adventure games. it’s kind of hit or miss, as all gltich art bots are, but it’s fun.

lastly i am a big fan of wildflowers which is a bot that just generates pictures of Proteus-style fields and meadows. it’s a very calming presence on the timeline.


For ones that give me the most consistent enjoyment on my timeline, keion_tv just runs through the anime K-On. Every ten minutes it posts the next frame. Freezeframe bot takes a random youtube video and adds a record scratch “You may be wondering how I got here” voice over with a freeze frame. RoboRosewater uses a neural network to generate text for a magic the gathering card. There seems to be a team on the magic the gathering forums hoping to make a second bot that can uses a neural network to generate card art.

(I’ve also made my own bot, Palette Bot, which uses color theory to generate a five colour palette every hour. Currently offline since it was running off my raspberry pi but should be working again soon!)

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the classic and immortal Jerk City is the only bot that matters (nsfw text warning but if you know Jerk City you know what to expect)

and i don’t think it counts exactly but Luke Harper’s twitter is functionally a twitter bot

edit: @Tolinky posted k-on bot before i could!

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I like @WaypointThreads since it means I’m not constantly checking the forums for new topics like I did with Giant Bomb and Gamespot before that.

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A bot which posts production music 1980-1995

The bot not only posts a link to the track but the album art as well as the description.


i remembered some more:
@pile_of_swords describes very powerful swords
@TheStrangeLog tweets interesting selections from changelogs and patch notes
@RealTimeWWII "live"tweets the events of WWII. Recently started over from 1939.


I appreciate you recognising that it is functionally a twitter bot. I’m still not over the betrayal that was horse_ebooks and want my bots to be distinctly, well, bot-y.


horse ebooks was such a heartbreak. i used to maintain a list of a lot of the ebooks accounts (there used to be at least 100) and i distinctly remember noticing a shift in horse ebooks’ tone, and eventually saw that all of its tweets were “via iPhone” or other sources (every ebooks account used to report as tweeting via “____ebooks”, so “tweeted via Horse_Ebooks” etc) and everyone told me to shut up when i said i thought the account got taken over. like, all of its tweets were still excerpts from actual ebooks, but the ratio of quality to noise was waaay too high.

for me part of the appeal of bot generated content is the fact that most of their posts suck, part of the fun is sifting through all of that. it kinda makes the good stuff even better by comparison. it’s why i can’t get into stuff like shitpostbot 5000, the ratio feels way off.


I’m definitely with you on that being part of the appeal. I can understand a bot creator putting their fingers on the scale, to an extent, to produce more high-quality posts (by, potentially, removing repetitive messages or reprogramming it to pull information slightly differently), but horse_ebooks being directly managed by a person (or a group of people? I can’t recall now) was still a pretty big bummer for me.

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I love having @UkiyoeBot on the timeline to break up the never-ending stream of screenshots of people’s bad opinions. I’m a fan of how it provides full attribution and links to the source as well.

horse_ebooks broke my heart too and I will never really trust a Goof Account again.

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Crooked Cosmos generates striking space-themed glitch art.

Cave bot is sort of like the soft landscapes bot but with caves.

Brutal.exe creates snapshots of brutalist architecture; kinda get a NaissanceE vibe from it.

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Unknown Peoples is definitely my favorite i’ve found. it comes up with ideas for fantastical civilizations. as someone who loves worldbuilding it’s a great source of inspiration to me.

Wonderous Styles is a bot in a similar vein but for fantastical fashion ideas

i also follow the strange log which was mentioned by @dordreff above. it’s really, really good

Andy Kelly’s Danny Dyer Bot is a glorious creation. He also made the aforementioned Dark Stock Photos, which I think is actually manually curated by him, so might not class as a bot really.

Trainsbotting, by Parker Higgins, is a lovely little emoji-made train thing that’s cute to have pop up on a timeline.

Jonny Sun’s made a few, like you’ve probably encountered TinyCareBot.
I prefer TinyDotBot though, which regularly produces series of symetrical dot patterns, as kind of a rorschach test but cuter and without someone performing a rorschach test on you.

And a recent one I followed is Kemono English, which just tweets screenshots from Kemono Friends, a selection of 440 from what I can read in the description. They are all Good and Nice because Kemono Friends is Good and Nice.