Post Your Fav Twitter Bots


@MagicRealismBot and @dosexthingstome give me at least one chuckle-snort a day ^^


@NierDeath is pretty great. It posts the kind of procgen epitaphs that you leave on your corpse in Nier Automata. I’m not sure if it actually pulls from the same word list but it’s really similar, thematically.


I love magic realism bot. I love, the ones that actually end up completely mundane.
“In Georgia, a math teacher is building an exact copy of the Taj Mahal out of plastic bags.” That could happen, you know.


I have a simple taxonomy of Twitter w/r/t bots:

  • Everyone who counts
  • People who don’t follow @GodTributes

I feel such joy every single time I see that bot responding to someone else’s tweets in my timeline. :black_heart:


Oh my god I can’t believe I forgot Sextsbot which generates sexts


Kate Gray (who freelances for Waypoint) created a bot called get facts that makes me laugh every damn day!


Came here specifically for @Godtributes thank you


@JoelDongsteen is almost definitely my favourite, and is pretty underrated. It’s an endless font of humour, but it is definitely very juvenile.