Post your favourite animals online

i like it when animals use the computer

here are some social media accounts of animals using the computer

you probably know Old Friends already

i love bonebone very much

cherry is also very good

JiYong is Big and Strong

and finally


I love Bonebone. There’s literally been days I’m stressed or have some other bad mental health stuff going on and I’ll look at Bonebones feed to feel better.


Oh man. I was debating making a thread like this, but was going to call it “The Only Parasocial Relationships that Matter: Good Pet accounts”

Anyway! Bone Bone is the perfect cat. It’s like instant stress relief whenever I see a picture of him.

Pepito is another good kitty. This account is set up to automatically tweet when he enters or exits through his cat door.

Mingyu is a sea otter in a japanese zoo. They’re cute.

This is an account that just tweets pictures of birds (it doesn’t link right because of the “_” in the account name though. :expressionless: )


next level big boy, strong nose, looks very soft


Three accounts with adorable foster kittens, a beautiful fox every hour, and a birb per hour.

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I love this sad looking cat


Because I wish I could have not only 7 cute cats but an apartment that stays perpetually clean with 7 cute cats.

I highly recommend @shimejiwasabi. It’s a japanese couple that rescues kittens and finds them a home + a small family of resident animals. Their dog, Ponzu, is just the chillest and sweetest golden retriever I have ever seen.

(Content warning: occasional heart-breaking story of kittens in bad conditions. They really really really care for these animals but sometimes they don’t make it)

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