Post your inspirations!


hey all!

why don’t we post various twitter/tumblr/websites/etcetc that we use for inspiration when building campaigns/playing?

Lately I’ve been using a Twitter account called 70s Sci Fi Art: Pretty much anything posted there is perfect. Tons of great abstract scifi imagery with vivid colors.

Anyone have anything mecha related? Cool images of various designs etc?


Steve Gaynor’s is a veritable fountain of neon cyberpunkia.


I find general news sites really useful. It’s odd, but the real world has all sorts of potential for story. I have found myself following a trail of articles from one initial piece of breaking news only to come out of the other end with an adventure, an encounter, or at least some facet of a game.

Twitter can be equally useful for this sort of thing.

Wikipedia - another trail hunter resource I cannot speak more highly about. I subscribe to their annual drive for funds precisely because I find it so useful.

Pinterest and sites like Art Station or Deviant Art - these offer a wealth of potential, either as the catalyst for creating something or as stock images for handouts to show players the places or people they’re meeting.


Been drawing a lot inspiration from Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer for a paranormal DnD campaign. The personification of nature and subsequent uncertainty of humanity’s hegemony/continued existence is what I’m particularly interested in emulating.

I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I think Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series would also be interesting to base a sci-if campaign around!