Post Your Personal Lyrics to Non-Lyrical Game Music


So, we’ve all done it, right? Made up lyrics to video game jams. Well, I sometimes have. Brad Shoemaker has! Who can forget the timeless classic Barkerville (sometimes known as Bloody Tears for some reason) from CastleVania II: Simon’s Quest:

I thought it’d be cool if we posted our own past lyrical endeavours. For example, 6 year old kid me could not not hear the first bit of the Sonic the Hedgehog title screen theme as

:notes: Sonic the Hedgehog / Here-here-here he is :notes::

20s me still liked Sonic but was slightly less innocent which turned the main melody of Sonic 2’s Zone Boss music (starts 7 seconds in below) into

:notes: Doctor Robotnik, he’s going to fuck you up / Doctor Robotnik; Gonna fuck you up! :notes::

And that’s my lot. What about you? What strange sounds have escaped from your mouths over the years…?


John T. Drake does Barkerville:



when we were kids my brother would play Mario RPG and I would do voices for the dialogue. the crowning achievement was the loose lyrics I would improvise to the Booster hill minigame sung by the Snifits who I gave sort of an elmer fudd voice.

they varied from one run to the next because it’s a very fast song and I was sort of half narrating what was happening but basically:

:notes: We are running up the up the hill
and going very fast
and having lots of fun (deedloo deedloo deedloo)

we are running
and we will catch him
watch out for barrels
and running running running running

We are running up the up the hill
and going very fast
and having lots of fun (deedloo deedloo deedloo)

we run faster
he jumps on our heads
then we go back down the hill and have to catch up :notes:

and on and on like that ad nauseum punctuated by haggard gasps for air.


SUPER SONIC, SUPER SUPER SOOONIIIC and repeat until the powerup ran out.


I saw the thread title and immediately thought of Barkerville, so I’m glad that was an inspiration.

Time to add another one speaking to the immaturity of young adulthood, I suppose. I’m still not quite sure how this came into being, but amongst my housemates at uni the canonical lyrics to the main menu theme of Smash Bros Brawl (a game which was on our living room TV for, without much exaggeration, around 40-50% of our waking hours for a good two years) became:

Slut on your face
Slutting on your face
Slutting on your face
Gonna slut on your face

I honestly don’t know quite how it started, nor am I familiar with the term “slutting on your face” actually ever being said or used in any other context (we basically treated it as the equivalent of “kick your ass”), but somehow it stuck. It doesn’t make sense, it’s oddly crude and immature in that way that close friend groups get with one another, but I’ll always have fond memories of it because we had so many good times playing that damn game.