Post your Top Songs Playlist

Any of you use Spotify? Well, they released their yearly “Top Songs” playlist for users and I thought it’d be fun to share them.

I think I have a pretty decent mix, a lot of psychedelic stuff, especially King Gizz, because that’s what I got super into in 2018. You can also tell that I watched JJBA this year what with the Bangles and Savage Garden inclusions.

My goal for next year is too branch out even more, not fixate on the same artists for a whole year. Find some real, mind-melting, shit.

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Hi, it’s me, one of the last eight people on earth who still uses Winamp. I literally have no reason to ever switch to anything else (my music library is a huge 45gb folder on my HDD), and it’s not like music sounds worse through Winamp. That also means that to track my listening history, I still use to “scrobble”

Hopefully it’s okay! I’ve felt kind of left out with everyone sharing their Spotify stuff on Twitter.

My PC was also out of commission for most of last year, and I didn’t get everything setup and ready to go until, like, April, and I didn’t get reinstalled until nearly July, so my top tracks for this year are woefully thin. I’ve been doing a lot of video production as of late, which doesn’t leave tons of room for recreational music time.

I am also a crazy person who mostly listens to video game music (with the occasional film score), though you’ll note some songs in there from my Halloween playlist that I spent most of October 30th listening to.


Here’s mine:

You will never not catch me listening to some French Electronic and Classic Rock.

Next up I wanna try to find some Drum N Bass stuff I like. I was blown away by @2Mello’s Trunk Fiction, so now I’m trying to find stuff to scratch a similar itch.


here’s mine

the first two songs on it are a spirited away track followed immediately by britney spears’s toxic and that’s all that really needs to be said about my music tastes


Listen all you need to know is a I listened to a lot of Roisin Murphy and Moloko this year

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I don’t know what those are. Are they ska? I’m gonna assume they’re ska.


*deep, emotionally draining sigh *

I don’t use spotify but this is my jams playlist on youtube. It’s not quite what I listen to most often because I’ve tried to keep it to one song per artist (not counting guest spots), but it’s close.

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Oooh yes, this seems like some good stuff. I’m definitely gonna add it to my library.

My tastes are very much the product of an intersection of Ninja Tune, Daptone, and the Rebirth of the Cool compilations plus stuff adjacent to it.

I am “Sad songs” man. So this is my list:

You can listen to these songs and read the lyrics here.

I don’t use Spotify but can say with confidence that my most listened to new music of this year is as follows:

Lina Tullgren, Won (maybe my favorite album cover in a good long while)

As to older music, I listened to a lot of the first three Belle & Sebastian albums (Tigermilk, The Boy with the Arab Strap, If You’re Feeling Sinister), Twelve Hour Turn, and classical music (Debussy and Chopin being favored).

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