Post your Twitter!


Always looking for new people to connect with on Twitter. I mostly tweet about video games, rap (and lots of other types) of music, the city of Chicago, chicken tenders and a little bit about politics/current events. Various RTs too.

Down to make some new pals over on Twitter.

Post your Twitters ITT!

I’ll start:


Hey! I’m @moldovanm


@_jon_h look for this same avatar.


@Vidyasaur I don’t tweet a lot, more focused on writing. But I’m not shy! Hit me up!


I’m @renaldo_berkley!


I’m @a_cado_appears!


whoa hey camping, hey tacos

I’m computer_gil, i stopped tweeting but i’m gonna start again, i promise


@corycorycoryo my profile picture is blank but trust me im not trying to be EDGY


I’m @TheTimeWaffle I like to post about video games and my super tiny podcast!



I’m @rusl_an and i mostly just retweet waypoint content :eye::eye:


hi my twitter is @videodante and it’s where i talk a lot


Hey! I’m @haziqagha. I tweet about game stuff, coffee & Canada things.


I’m @c_rakestraw. Not terribly active most of the time, though.


I am the lovable, huggable, @ZaaackKoootzer


I am also @computer_gil


It’s-a me, @donniemnemonic


@vinnypop I tweet some times.


@TweetAtCharlie (warning, NSFW)



hit me up if you ever need any advice re: dota, kpop, mexican culture, border culture, rap music,