Potlatch: A Card Game About Salish Economics [Kickstarter]


Potlatch is a card game based on indigenous economic systems of sharing, gifting, and status. It uses both English and Lushootseed.

Check this out! It’s about to be funded! :slight_smile:

ndnplayers Games is a research group of indigenous academics and game lovers. Their goals are focused on combining indigenous perspectives and philosophies with games and their systems.

Potlatch, the game, is a strategic, educational card game based on indigenous philosophies. It is designed to meet K-12 educational standards for teaching about native history, economics, culture, and government. Potlatch, the game, was developed as a community effort with local elders and language experts. The game is written in both English and Lushootseed, the indigenous language of the Pacific Northwest. Game mechanics are based on sharing resources to meet other players’ needs for food, materials, technology, and knowledge.