Praise Be, Waypoint Community Tarnished

How have the lands between been treating my fellow Tarnished thus far?

We all know that Waypoint Radio listeners are a high quality bunch as gamers go, so how would you like it if messages from THEM in Elden Ring were more frequent and visible? (Depending on how the Password feature shakes out, we might be able to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of all these pesky “Try finger, but hole…” messages).

Easily done! We merely Open the Menu → Multiplayer → Options and set one of our five Password slots to “waypoint” [edit]: this is most likely case sensitive, so despite the above image use a LOWERCASE ‘w’ because that’s what the community is already using, my bad!

Everyone else with the password set should get higher priority and some signposting on messages in the world, ally matchmaking, and I think it might even tint their ghost replays!
Hope to see your amusing and helpful messages in the lands between, (and less troll “Secret passage ahead” and “Try jumping” fake outs)…