Prey 2 (Cancelled Version) investigation from Eurogamer

Eurogamer did an investigation on the cancelled version of Prey 2 and contacted developers who worked on the game. There will be a piece tomorrow about the trouble between Human Head Studios and Bethesda.

I’ll give a summary, but there’s much more about the game in the video, including details of the gadgets, and also how the developers felt about the game. My summary is based on Jawmuncher’s description on NeoGAF, which is more detailed.

Note that he talks about all of Prey 2’s story, which may or may not spoil something else (I’ve never played Prey 1 or the 2017 one). However, he doesn’t talk about the new Prey’s story.



  • You meet Tommy from Prey 1 in the game, but he’s trapped in his spirit form initially.

  • One plot twist is that when Samuel (the protagonist of Prey 2) dies, he spawns as a new clone of himself, which has happened to himself hundreds of times in the 10 years on the planet.

  • His past forms have worked with Tommy.

  • The ending has him use the device that he used for transporting criminals to transport himself out of danger in space. The coordinates he uses transport him back to Earth.

  • He gets married, has children, then when he dies old, he respawns back in his apartment at the alien planet as if nothing after his stay on the planet happened.[/spoiler]


  • Multiple cities to explore, including one underground

  • Wanted posters gave future targets around the world

  • Traversing through the environment would’ve been encouraged, included sliding

Interesting! Looking forward to the full piece.

About that last story detail…

Prey 2 would’ve ended just like this webcomic about Mario from Safely Endangered!

It’ll be interesting to read Eurogamer’s article when it goes up. I remember seeing the stage demo years ago when it was shown off at PAX. I even still have a Prey 2 T-shirt I got from that. It’s the only shirt I own for a game that technically doesn’t exist.