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Thoughts? Opinions? Complaints?

Also with these catchall threads I would like to have context warnings in the first post as a way for people to check in real quick on a games content without googling things that may get them spoiled so please send anything you think people might want to know about ahead of time and I will try to add it to this first post. Just keep it in spoiler tags so I can try and add it without spoiling things myself.

To start (these are super early so no spoiler tags on these):

Needle based eye trauma
Less then great treatment of a person of size character (Sorry if that is not the right term)

Im six hours in and really enjoying it. Just got the ability to scan the aliens for their powers, and im excited to start unlocking them. My main complaint is i wish it didnt keep auto-waypointing me whenever a new objective appears, I prefer to keep that off (although Ive had to use it a few times like looking for a sideobjective reward i wouldve never found otherwise)

Its kind of funny, so far the mimics havent really filled me with as much dread as i thought they would. Early on I was lucky enough to be able to pick out which objects they were, and the first batch I encountered had a habit of rehiding right in my line of sight. Its instilled this character of goofy but meddlesome pests instead of frightening threats. One definitely got me to jump though because I had no idea mimics were able to do what it did. I walked into a room with a medpack on the table, with the blue pickup highlight and everything. Im no dummy, I immediately go to pick up the medkit - except no the fuck I didnt because it turned into a mimic and leaped at me

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Planning on getting game but just want to have a general feel from you guys.

I have played and liked Bioshock and System shock but where does this game differ in what areas.

Does this Prey have any connection with the original Prey at all, or do they just happen to share the same name?

I’m six hours in, and I think I’m loving it?

I normally really dislike horror stuff, but this doesn’t seem to be that. It feels more like horror in the way that BioShock was. Which would make sense considering this game feels exactly like BioShock on a space station. So, System Shock, I guess. Also makes sense considering the lineage here.

I’m normally not a HUGE immersive sim guy either, they’re so overwhelming, but this game seems to be keeping things pretty streamlined.

I’m only left with one question so far: Does installing the typon powers like mimic have any negative effect on you? Because that’s what it sounded like one of the cutscenes was saying.

Also, I was super surprised to see that Walton Goggins was in this game. I rounded the corner and heard his voice and thought I was going crazy for a second.

So far my favorite moment in the game was when I saw a maintenance shaft that was blocked by stuff I couldn’t lift that I moved out of the way by tossing something I could left at it over and over again. Then when I was done in there I tried to leave only to find out I was trapped due to the boxes only giving me enough room to enter and not leave via some weird videogames physics but I got around that breaking a glass ceiling (#FemYu) and failing back into the room I started in.

A+ box systems would find an interesting way into a room only to have to find another interesting way out again


Im pretty sure its the latter.

I’m really enjoying Prey so far. I’d even say I’m more positive on it now than I initially was with Bioshock—I think Prey has a lot more in common mechanically with System Shock 2 than Bioshock did, particularly the resource and inventory mechanics, and it has more of that tense, survival game edge. Contra to what was said on the most recent Waypoint Radio I’ve often found myself running out of ammo, but that might just be because I’ve been conservative with the fabricator (that or the fact that I’m a terrible shot).

Also, and this is a minor thing, but: can we talk about how satisfying it is to use the Recycler? I feel like it perfectly balances convenience with making it feel like a thing in the world—it could just be a merchant window where you get the resources immediately, but by instead making you go through a few steps, and then having the resources pop out as physics items… it makes it feel so much more real. It reminds me of systems in Breath of the Wild (like cooking), where you have to actually do something in the world rather than just click through a menu.

I have a question for other PC players, though: when I started the game it gave me a screen that thanked me for pre-ordering and told me that I’d get a unique weapon when I got to Morgan’s office. I got there, and I got that weapon. I did not, however, pre-order this game. Did… this happen to anyone else?

Sometimes preorder bonuses will also be given out for first day or week sales so it may just be that.

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Ah, ok! Shows how often I buy AAA games at release, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Wow. Yeah. Six hours in. So far it is a perfect combination of essentially all of my favorite things a video game can do.

The aesthetic, Art Deco + Com Truise + 2001: A Space Odyssey seems like it was made specifically to make my brain happy.

The combat is more than competent, it’s a tense and frantic battle of resource management and enemy reads.

The level of player expressivity is so much higher than something like, say, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or Dishonored, or really any other immersive sim. In other peers of the genre, you’re able to tackle situations in the way you want but only in the seven ways the devs designed. Through the addition of several physics-y input methods it really changes your metaphorical range of motion. It’s a lot like how the powers in Breath of the Wild fundamentally shift the range of player decision making.

Example: Couldn’t get in to the room that Austin described having trouble with on Waypoint Radio. Could have hacked it. Could have waited for a robot to open it. Could have found a keyboard. Could have shot the manual override with a foam dart. Fuck that. I broke a window that was barred on the other side. Moved a desk underneath the window. Put a snow globe (or whatever) on the desk. Transformed in to the snow globe. Rolled myself through the window. Fuck, fucking yeah, this game is incredible.

Overall, I think this game is an incredibly concise love letter to the genre and its predecessors while simultaneously breaking the genre in some fantastic ways. This might not be the best game of the year so far (Breath of the Wild), it might not be the one I’ve had the most fun playing (PUBG), but it’s by far my favorite.

i love using the machines in this game. Theres a seemingly one off recycling grenade test chamber (there might be another one, i dont know yet) that i kept dragging stuff into because it was so satisfying to load it up with a grenade from my inventory, put something inside the chamber, and then use the computer to close the door and send over the grenade to turn it into recycled materials

Im sure his twitter was blowing up after the podcast dropped but I hope Austin figured out he was halfway to solving the coffee thermos/weight puzzle. One of the two looking glass videos in that room runs long and if you change to a different viewport once Calvino walks off screen you can see the thermos and weight you need to use to access a secret cabinent.

Assuming it doesn’t fail apart at the end and that it can do a little more with it’s story I’ll feel pretty good about calling this the greatest game in it’s genre by a fair margin. It’s really something

I found the demo incredibly exhausting, thanks to the combo of mimic jump scares and that hi-torque combat music (see the old demo thread for my thoughts there), but now that I’m a little more geared up and confident in my abilities, I’m really digging it!

Like everyone else, I loved Dishonored’s “blink” ability, so I was worried that going back to a pre-mobility immersive sim would be annoying. But I actually find that the inability to always zip around threats is making me a more creative player, when it comes to combat.

And even when I’m not being creative, wild shit still happens. Right after the Hardware Labs, I was in the lobby and encountered what I thought was a normal enemy. I charged up my new explosive weapon (the Q-Beam), thinking I could easily ice this dude. Unfortunately, this variant was super fast and had a friend. They backed me onto one of those high walkways, and I didn’t have time to swap weapons, so I exploded one of them at point-blank range. The explosion didn’t kill me.

What it did do is shatter the glass walkway underneath me, sending me plummeting to the floor. My first death of the game. (Post-Hardware Labs Spoiler: I forgot about my jetpack…)

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I’m only 5 hours in but really digging this game. Looks nice, the score is amazing, and love the whole mimic idea. Going to go play more now.

Thanks for the Com Truise callout! I was wondering where I could find something that sounded like this game, and that fit the bill perfectly.

I met a technopath without really understanding how it attacked. Thought i was going to be clever and went a grabbed a turret from a nearby hallway. My plan was to sneak in with the turret and let it do the work. What happened was the technopath floated the turret over to itself, and started chasing me down while spraying me with bullets out of what used to be my turret while i desperately tried to escape from my botched scheme. It was like the most frightening looney tunes short and i was the coyote


I have to say, the tension in this game has got me at the edge of my seat. Game got me afraid of everything.

So yeah, this game is fantastic. Probably the smartest non-BotW AAA game I’ve played in a long time. Just in terms of design and freedom it gives the player a great amount of agency without making it too much overwhelming.

I think a large part of that is due to so many mechanics in the game existing in the world. Crafting and recycling could have easily been pressing f next to a table and bringing up a big menu that paused the game and all, but instead the interface exists in the world. This led to a really tense moment for me where I was out of ammo (biggest issue actually, I NEVER HAVE AMMO) and medkits and needed to kill a fire phantom in a room with a recycler and fabricator. What I ended up doing was luring it into the corridor temporarily by throwing a lure, as the Phantom left I rushed to recycle all my materials and create a box of shotgun ammo, snuck up behind the phantom and used all my ammo to kill the phantom. It was so tense and wonderful and the stakes wouldn’t have been there if these mechanics weren’t a part of the world.

Clearly this game is getting a fair amount of comparisons to the Shock games and immersive sims in general, but I want to offer another comparison:

This game feels so much like Metroid Prime to me it’s uncanny.

Alright, so not everything is similar, but it is hitting all the same notes the Prime games hit for me. The labyrinthian nature of the game world, the varied enemy designs, the horror elements, there’s even scanning! Scanning! But in particular it’s the connected world that really hits it home. I don’t think there has been another shooter to really do it this well (if at all) since the Prime/Prime 2. It’s really been regulated to open worlds or linear paths for a while and I understand that as it’s difficult to make backtracking feel good, but Prey’s world remains interesting even the third or fourth time through!

I don’t know, I’m just loving this game!

EDIT: Oh, also a pro tip for new players: during the opening helicopter sequence, look down.


UPDATE: A lousy little mimic punched out another glass floor underneath me, leading me right into the arms of a much stronger enemy. TALOS I NEEDS BETTER FLOORS.