Prey Demo - Thoughts and Criticisms


Prey was entirely off my radar. Fortunately, someone on Twitter mentioned the 1-hour demo (available on Xbox One/PS4, sorry PC folks). Anyway, after finishing the demo, I have to say I’m impressed. I really had zero expectations for this game.

Anyone want to share their thoughts?

My thoughts below (blurred for the spoiler sensitive):

[spoiler]It feels like BioShock but if it took a cold bath in Dishonored and then rocketed off into space.

I was honestly expecting something spooky (more like Dead Space). Sure, every time a mimic pops up out of nowhere, it’s a little startling. But, as a guy who hasn’t yet found a horror game he enjoys, I found Prey to be a fun kind of scary.

As for game play, the weapons were fun and I found the controls adequate. The goo launcher (whatever it was called) felt pretty useless, but I imagine in the later game that comes into play more.

As for story, there isn’t much to get into, but I’m definitely intrigued. The demo did a fine job making me want to know what the tests were all about.

My only qualm with the whole experience was the music cues. The music is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but it was jarring the first few times it turned on. This sudden burst of music was sincerely startling. Perhaps it’s my setup, but it felt too loud for the rest of the games audio. I’m hoping this get’s a little touch-up before release.

All in all, I really enjoyed the small chunk they made available. This is definitely on my list assuming reviews come through. [/spoiler]


I played it on my PS4 and man, I felt that input lag, still, I’m surprised how well it ran for a CryEngine game, they did some real good work there. I honestly had to stop playing as it got more into action as the input lag was that bad for me, but I am looking forward to see what it’s all about sometime on PC. I hope it’s good!! I liked the setup at least anyway.


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The demo felt kind of off to me, which apparently is an input lag issue on PS4. Hopefully they get that sorted out, because otherwise it seemed pretty neat! I love the space-deco look of the station.


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I adapted to the lag pretty quick, but I feel ya. I’m looking to get this on PC as well.

I’ll second the visuals. I was very impressed by some of the little effects (smashing the glass of a TV and seeing behind the screen while it still displayed what it could was pretty cool).


I wasn’t super impressed, to be honest. It kind of just feels like System Shock but with more jump scares and also eye trauma. Not to mention, Arkane still hasn’t figured out how to make human beings who don’t look mid-melt.

I’ll definitely wait for reviews, at least, and probably even then I’ll wait for a sale. Maybe Arkane games just aren’t for me, since I was similarly uninterested in Dishonored, but who knows.


I absolutely loved Dishonored, but I have no defense about character design. They do have a G.I. Joe half-burnt-by-fireworks sort of look.


The demo may not do the best job to sell it technically (muddy textures, no Pro mode so 1080p30 with not the greatest temporal AA even on the high-spec console, input lag bug on the PS4 they have apparently fixed for the release version, broken combat music volume also noted as changed in the shipping version) but I’m just all for taking immersive sims back to the horrors of space. That is extremely my thing.

Really looking forward to how it stretches when on a Pro or PC as the style does it for me (I love Dishonored, including the people, so think this really works for me) so with some technical improvements I think it’ll be amazing as a horror experience with limited access to ranged weapons and the constant thought that maybe, just maybe, you’re not alone in this room.


I was surprised how effective the mimic’s cloaking was. At first I was annoyed, but the sense of dread and utter terror upon finding one hiding as an office chair is really great.


Oh man, I really liked this demo. I knew nothing about this video game and was surprised to find that it’s a survival horror (I guess) and that I don’t mind!
My two favourite moments from the demo:

  1. Realizing on my own, that you can use the gloo gun to scale things (I skipped the tutorial pop up image that basically says that that’s what that thing is for).
  2. Nerf crossbow’s ability to hit switches.

If these two things are signs of what kind of possible approaches or fun times one can have in the levels, I’m really looking forward to it. even though I don’t care for the setting or story.

Oh also because I’m a scrub baby and don’t game too much, I never noticed the input lag.
Battle music even existing is trash though.


The input lag was a confirmed bug that’s fixed for launch.


… I missed the Nerf crossbow. I guess I have to download the demo again. :smiley:


Most hyped game of the summer right now. Arkane can do no harm.


It did feel a little sluggish, for sure. I honestly think it didn’t bother me much because I barely play my PS4 and so I really didn’t have much to compare it to.

Glad they’re getting it fixed though.


oh, maybe save yourself the trouble. I never actually found a use for that switch hitting capability in the demo. That is something to look forward to in the full game I guess


I thought that the little opening helicopter ride was the coolest part of the whole demo. That sequence and the music were my favorite aspects of this demo. Honestly I was super ready to explore this super bright and vibrant future city and thought that the game would take place there. Although I did think the twist of it being all projections was cool, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that this game is dreary as fuck. I think sunshine and scares can be friends.


Sneaking through the main atrium with a Nerf crossbow and running away like a scared child to my collection of anti-Typhon turrets whenever they found me was a ton of fun. The ‘Crack In The Slab’-esque reveal regarding the nature of Morgan’s house was when I thought ‘I’m in.’ Very excited to play the whole thing.


I have to agree. When I saw the sprawling city I was super excited, thinking that I’d get to explore some. I did love finding the helicopter/projection rig, though.


I really love the story setup and the presentation, those title cards and breaking the window were amazing moments, but I don’t really enjoy playing it. It’s extremely tense and I wasn’t having fun wrench-bashing ankle-high enemies I kept losing track of. I might check it out! I think every part of it except the playing it is extremely rad.