Prey (Human Head Studios)


Hey, you know what? This game was all right. It had cool portal shit and gravity shit and weird organic guns and magic vs. aliens and a Cherokee protagonist. They should make another one.


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Hello, Langly. What are your thoughts on the 2006 video game Prey, by Human Head Studios?


I can’t speak to whether or not it did a good job with its Cherokee protagonist or subject matter- but otherwise hell yeah, it tried a bunch of cool weird shit and I loved playing it.

They weren’t placed/controlled by the player, but it was doing portal stuff a year before Portal. Blew my young mind. I remember early on there’s a scene where a crate falls over and one of the sides of the crate is a portal to another room. I spent like 10 minutes walking around the box marvelling at the portal tech.


It’s pretty good and I’m excited about the demo


The portals were going to be way more ambitious in early builds of the game (This was announced in 1995!) but apparently they kept running into technical issues and had to limit their use.


Remember how they were going to make Prey 2

That was pretty wild


They were going to make two versions of Prey 2! One by Radar Group and one by Human Head. The Prey franchise has a really weird history.


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I think Prey was my first M-rated game. I loved it! I’ve gone back a couple times over the years, and I never get tired of the weird world (or the jukebox). The story takes a few stumbles (one of the gnarliest fridged-girlfriend moments ever) but I’d put this up there as one of the last great “Doom-clones” - those shooter-ass shooters that put level design above spaces that made actual sense to their inhabitants.


I wound up buying this when they announced the arkane game because i never checked it out and intended to play it at some point but never did. Should probably give prey a whirl this week before prey drops


What an absolutely bizarre game series this is.

Like, the first one had crazy portals before Portal was Portal. THEN they try to make Prey 2, which is this crazy open world cyberpunk bounty hunter game which is then axed. Radio silence and development hell later, they come out with a reboot which is this crazy System Shock/Bioshock style thing crossed with Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt.

Games are weird, huh?


i have never played a prey, nor seen many screenshots. i realized recently that whenever people talk about it, i substitute whatever they’re saying with turok gameplay in my mind

gotta say it’s been working alright so far


I’m kinda happy they just took the Prey name. The game was 4 hours long, and made it so you literally couldn’t die. It was not bad for the time.


I remember it got kind of blasted for the time for the way the death system removing all challenge, as well as Bioshock a year later. I feel like those aspects would be less of an issue today, where games more often have non-traditional death systems, no death systems, or otherwise very generous checkpointing, and “lack of challenge” is not a complaint you see as frequently in reviews. Although honestly, going through the spirit bow minigame probably took up more time than just setting you back at the last checkpoint would have.


FWIW I recall reading somewhere that the folks who made Narbacular Drop (who were then hired by Valve to make what would become Portal) were inspired by the Portals in Prey, which they thought were cool but never used to their full potential. If there’s no other case to be made for this game, “No Prey, no Portal” is a damn strong one.

Prey has what must be one of the all-time greatest videogame jukeboxes in the opening level. Barracuda and Don’t Fear the Reaper are the songs I remember. Highway Star, maybe?

I don’t know if I think Prey needs a sequel, but I think a lot of the ideas in Prey should be iterated upon.


Prey was totally fine and it probably would have gotten a lot more praise for it’s portal stuff if it’s hadn’t been released so close to, well, portal

I could have really done without the native American stuff though. Whether intentional or not, it was definitely racist.