'Prey' Might Have a Terrible Ending But That's What Makes It Great

The game that breaks itself.

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I had a wildly different experience than Rob in the sense that I never felt I was a super power considering I got my ass thoroughly kicked by military operators even though I combed every area (my immersive sim fetish) and did most of the sidequests. These same operators are just not enough to draw me in to go through another challenge even if my character was a demi-god, it’s the same type of enemy except by the dozens and preventing you from exploring the map, which is the big draw in this game.

I totally understand the intent behind this piece but the story being lackluster also doesn’t help finding a good justification to the frustrating last part. I already did a comparison in the Prey thread but Mankind Divided was absolutely genius in the way it handled its last part since the very same area that you spent hours exploring has suddenly become a hostile zone that you have to go through stealthily. Your whole knowledge of the map is put to use in a incredible way.. MD had a good story justification even when the story itself was even worse than Prey, good enemies and good level-design to make it still engaging and refreshing. Prey’s last act really doesn’t have much than a flurry of loading times due to needless backtracking.

Anyway I wrote too much already but I do agree that it was a good feeling that the pathways that you opened with gloo cannon and other powers still remains there when you come back. It’s just too bad the only modifier is enemy respawn, often without concrete justification.

I felt pretty over powered by the end of Prey. The military operators felt more annoying then difficult and when I figured out you can just block the points where they spawn they weren’t much of an issue at all. Also with the Typhon enemies by the end I was just running or jumping pass them to try to avoid combat all together. Combat by the end was kind of boring. I wouldn’t have mind being over powered by the end if it had made the combat encounters go by faster, but even though you’re beating enemies faster, they are throwing more at you so combat by that point was something I never felt like engaging with.

That being said I still really loved my time with Prey, exploring Talos I was fun and while the story as a whole wasn’t great, I think it has some great individual moments throughout.